Why is Netflix Removing Christian Movies: All the Facts

Lately, lots of people have been talking on social media about Netflix maybe taking off Christian movies from its streaming service. This has worried many folks who are part of Christian groups, so much so that the monthly search volume for Why is Netflix Removing Christian Movies on Google surpassed 12000. But after looking into it really well, it seems these stories aren’t true at all. Netflix has clearly said they didn’t mean to remove any Christian movies from their big collection. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s really going on and clear up these rumors.

Update August 18th: It’s been more than two years since this rumor started, and we see that there is still as many people looking into it. We decided to create a list of the best christian movies on netflix.

christian movies on netflix
‘Dog Gone’ (2023), a Netflix Christian movie was still available on the streaming platform last time we checked

Netflix is removing Christian movies: Origins of the claim

A post went around Facebook saying that Netflix got rid of all the Christian movies, TV shows, and special stuff from its streaming service. A post from March 19 (Facebook already deleted it for misleading people) got more than 400 people sharing it and says, “Netflix removes all Christian movies.” Another version of this claim (Facebook deleted this one as well) says that anything “Christian & Biblical” would stop being available from March 30th.

CITYRYDE talked to some folks on Facebook to hear what they had to say about this. But guess what? Netflix told CITYRYDE that this rumor isn’t true at all. They’re not taking away Christian movies from their streaming service.

So, where did this story come from? Well, turns out it started way back on March 29, 2016, when a funny article called “Netflix to remove all Christian content after complaints from Muslims” was put up on the site News Thump.

why is netflix removing christian movies
‘Rescued by Ruby’ (2022), another Netflix Christian movie was still available on the streaming platform last time we checked

Netflix’s Commitment to Inclusivity

Netflix is famous for having lots of different shows and movies for everyone. They really care about making sure all kinds of people can find something they like to watch. They want to make sure that people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions can all find something they enjoy on their platform.

Even though there are stories going around, Netflix has always shown that they want to include lots of different voices and ideas, including stuff related to faith. They’re all about being open to different viewpoints and giving people a chance to share their stories.

Constantly Evolving Content Catalog

Here’s the thing: what you see on Netflix depends on the deals they make with the people who make the shows and movies. The list of stuff they have is always changing because they get new things and old ones go away. This happens all the time and isn’t just about Christian movies. So, if you noticed that some Christian movies aren’t there anymore, it might be because of these deals, not because they wanted to take away religious stuff on purpose.

'The Wait' (2021) christian movie
‘The Wait’ (2021) was still available on the streaming platform last time we checked

Netflix’s Faith-Based Projects

Netflix has done more than just give us lots of things to watch. They’ve also made some really good shows and movies that make us think about faith and important stuff. These projects have been liked by lots of people and even got good reviews. They’re about different religious ideas and stories.

All this goes to show that Netflix isn’t leaving out Christian movies on purpose. They’ve actually made and shown things that touch on faith and religion.

Clarifying the Misinformation

The internet can sometimes make false stories seem bigger than they are. This happened with the talk about Netflix taking away Christian movies. Lots of people heard about it and got worried or started talking about it a lot.

But we all need to be smart about the information we believe. It’s important to check where the news is coming from and make sure it’s true before we get all worked up or keep talking about it. That way, we can avoid getting stressed over things that might not be real.

'Forgiven' (2016) christian movie
‘The Wait’ (2021) was still available on the streaming platform last time we checked

Netflix’s Faith and Spirituality Section

Even though there are stories going around, Netflix actually has a special spot for movies and shows about faith and spirituality. This area has all sorts of things for people who like Christian stuff and also for those who follow different beliefs. They keep putting Christian movies here, and this part of Netflix is still very important.

The Importance of Fact-Checking

In times like these, we have to be careful about what we believe. There’s a lot of made-up stuff out there, and we need to question it. These days, there’s so much wrong information floating around, so it’s super important to check the facts before we start believing things. When we listen to trustworthy sources and make sure things are true, we can stay calm and talk about things with real facts.

Netflix’s Global Audience

Netflix really cares about making sure everyone who watches feels included. They want people from all around the world to enjoy what they have. They know it’s important to have shows and movies that people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds can relate to. So, they’re all about giving a big variety of things to watch for everyone.

christian movies on netflix
A christian movie still available on Netflix last time we checked

Our rating regarding ‘Netflix Removing Christian Movies’ rumor: False

We looked into it, and the story about Netflix taking away all the Christian movies is NOT TRUE. Netflix themselves said they’re not doing that, and it turns out this whole idea actually started as a joke on a website back in 2016. Also, if you search for it, you can see that Netflix’s special “Faith and Spirituality” part is still there for everyone to use.

Our fact-check sources:

Final Thoughts on Why is Netflix Removing Christian Movies

So, to sum things up, the talk about Netflix taking away Christian movies is not true at all. Netflix themselves said they’re not doing it on purpose, and they’re still all about showing different ideas and voices. If you notice that some movies are missing, it might just be because of the deals they make and how their list changes all the time.

Remember, it’s really important to listen to sources you can trust and check if things are true before sharing them. Netflix still really wants to give everyone a chance to watch all kinds of things, no matter where they’re from or what they believe in.

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