Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv Review

The Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv has the same GPS, charts, and the other fish finder functionality as the 73cv. However, it adds a SideVü sonar, 2D CHIRP, ClearVü real-time sonars and a new transducer.

Read on to learn more about the gadget and its features to see whether it matches your unique fish-finding requirements and preferences better than comparable devices made by other manufacturers.

Unboxing and First impression

The touchscreen display size and functionality on this GPS Fishfinder makes it stand out from the crowd. You may utilize tapping, dragging, and pinching for commands to quickly and easily access all options.

The side of the device has a keypad that you can use to type in the text. When wearing gloves or preferring the classic button action, it might be useful.

In addition, the device’s user interface is easy to understand, even for those with no prior computer experience. The most frequently used programs may be shown on the homepage, allowing you to personalize it to your liking. To access them, you would only need to touch on the screen.

The display’s big size is another benefit. It has a diagonal screen size of 7 inches, allowing you to see a lot of information at once.

As a result of the device’s large pixel matrix display type (800×400), it produces better images. Even the slightest of details can be seen clearly on the screen because of all this.

Backlighting is also included to make it easier to read the screen in various lighting situations. If you need to read the screen in direct sunlight while fishing, you may increase the backlighting option.

It also features split-screen functionality because of the enormous screen size. If you’re trying to gain a clear image of what’s going on under the waves, this may be a useful tool.

Additionally, the split screen functionality enables you to simultaneously monitor the sonar returns and your boat’s location on a map (2-3 screens at once).

You may use the ActiveCaptain app on your smartphone to sync the fish finders with the display, which utilizes a Wi-Fi connection. You may also execute a variety of tasks with this program.

Through the OneChart system, you may use the Quickdraw Community to share or locate local maps, as well as to improve your maps. It’s also possible to set up smart notifications, which would enable you to keep your phone away from the fish finder’s display.

A tilt, swivel, and a motor mounts kit are included with this fish finder. A fast-release cradle is also included with the package, making it simple to detach the display and take it with you.

Display/Screen Features

With a 7″ WVGA color touchscreen display, the Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv may be used like a tablet with tap, drag, or pinch controls.

This is one of the key benefits of the new echoMAP CHIRP 73sv over its predecessor. You may also utilize the keypad on the right side of the main housing as an alternative option.

There are 800 pixels per inch on the screen, which measures 6.1 by 5.5 by 2.0 inches. Thanks to the built-in, dimmable LED lighting, you can see the display clearly at night or in bright sunshine.

The gadget has an IP-X7 designation in terms of water resistance, which indicates it can survive accidental splashes, heavy rain, and submersion for up to 30 seconds in 3.3 feet of water.

The “X” in the rating indicates that the unit has not been tested for the admission of solid particles, such as dust and sand. You may also choose from various split-screen modes that let you see up to three applications at once.

Intuitive, beginner-friendly UI allows more advanced users to tailor their home screens to their own preferences.

Transducer & Sonar Technology

2D Traditional CHIRP Sonar, SideVü, and ClearVü sonars are all covered by the CV52HW-TM transducer included in this Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv package. The transducer here is a 12-pin transducer with a transom attachment and a temperature sensor.

The transducer utilizes a single high-frequency beam. Its CHIRP modulation intervals are available between 150 to 240kHz.

Other 2D frequencies, including 83, 77, and 50 kHz, may be emitted by the device. Additionally, 77/200 and 50/200 transducers may also be used to unlock the unit’s dual-frequency capability.

CHIRP modulation intervals of 425-485 kHz and 790-850 kHz may be used with SideVü and ClearVü transducers, respectively.

Keep in mind that it can also operate at 260 kHz, making it suitable for various transducers with very narrow fore/aft beams (1-2°). Using them will allow the side beams to expand hundreds of feet in length.

With its 2D Traditional CHIRP Sonar and SV/CV sonars, the CV52HW-TM can reach depths of up to 800 feet. The total range may be increased to 2,300 feet by using a 50 kHz transducer in conjunction with the device.

There’s a connector on the device that allows you to use Panoptix all-seeing sonar, which are not compatible with the transducer that comes pre-installed on the device.

The Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv has a wide range of standard sonar functions, including Sonar Recording/Rewind, A-Scope, Fish Symbols, Bottom Lock, Circular Flasher View, and more.

As with the 63cv and 74cv, the 73sv model of Garmin echoMAP Plus is equipped with the same integrated GPS module. There is no need for an extra speed sensor when using this device to display coordinates (latitude and longitude) of a particular waypoint or your vessel.

During our observation, we’ve found that 13,000 out of 17,000 lakes on the preloaded charts of US LakeVü maps have a depth of 1 foot or less. General highways and bridges and all other points of interest (POI) are included on the map.

Using the Shallow Water Shading feature, you will be able to rapidly specify minimum depths and monitor them on the main screen.

You may want to use offshore premium charts like BlueChart g2 HD, which is available as an add-on for those interested in offshore fishing.

If you desire a more comprehensive picture of bodies of water, you may get the LakeVü HD Ultra update. Navionics charts do not work with the Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv.

If your lake isn’t already covered, the device comes with the Quickdraw Contours and SailAssist capabilities to help you out.

Networking Capabilities

EchoMAP Plus 73sv has both NMEA 0183 ports and NMEA 2000 networking capabilities. With a built-in wireless connection, you can:

  • sync it with a tablet or smartphone,
  • use OneChart’s capabilities,
  • connect to ActiveCaptain,
  • get alerts immediately on your device,
  • and much more.

Compatible Chartplotter

Additionally, the Garmin Echomap Plus 73sv has a Chartplotter. It has a 5 Hz GPS receiver, which updates its position every 5 seconds, ensuring reliable location tracking.

Additionally, the speed of your boat is calculated so you can keep track of whether or not you’re fishing at the proper pace for your lure. The LakeVu g3 maps provided by this GPS Fishfinder include inland body of water.

Because these maps have 1-foot contours, you can see many more details of what’s under the surface. Besides covering approximately 17,000 inland lakes and rivers, it also covers sites of interest like bridges, marine facilities and camping areas.

The Shallow Water Shading feature is also included in this collection of maps. At a glance, you can tell where the water condition is not deep enough for your boat to operate.

With the BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision charts, this GPS Fishfinder can be used together with other fish finders. However, you’ll have to shell out cash to receive ​the upgrades.

The LakeVu Ultra, which provides the finest fish detail than the LakeVu g2, is also an option for those interested in upgrading their inland lake viewing experience.

If you encounter a lake that isn’t in the LakeVu g2 charts, you may still use the Quickdraw Contours function on this fish detector. A contoured map of the lake’s bottom is created using real time sonar and GPS data.

You have the option to keep your maps private or share them with the rest of the Quickdraw Community.


  • It has a wide 7-inch display size.
  • ClearVü, SideVü, and 2D CHIRP are supported
  • LakeVu g2 charts are included
  • Compatible with Panoptix all-seeing sonar
  • Charts may be upgraded to provide more features
  • Compatible with NMEA 0183 and 2000d
  • Extendable memory with microSD card
  • A wide range of scanning sonar capability
  • Adaptable and user-friendly interface
  • 5 Hz GPS built-in
  • Keyed-assist touchscreen
  • Preloaded US LakeVü charts are available for use with this device
  • Homepage customization
  • Analyzes up to a depth of 800 feet
  • Software for drawing contours, Quickdraw
  • A slot for a microSD cardCustom Screens
  • Internet access using wireless technology.


  • Because the user manual you get applies to all Garmin’s Echomap series models, you’ll discover instructions that aren’t specific for this model.
  • Even though it’s compatible with NMEA 2000, this GPS Fishfinder doesn’t come with an adaptor cable.

Final Verdict

When combined with Garmin’s coastal charts and a superior deepwater capable transducer, the Garmin echoMAP Plus 73sv is the finest fish finder. It’s suitable for all boats except the tiniest kayaks and canoes.

You may need to experiment catching different class of fish to see which one is good it for your fishing style and this tool.

Besides a massive 7″ custom screen, the machine comes packed with US LakeVü maps (preloaded charts), SV/CV Scanning Sonar, and standard 2D CHIRP sonar technology. Panoptix may be used in conjunction with CV52HW-TM transducer as well. In addition, it has a wifi connection and is compatible with the ActiveCaptain app from Garmin.