Saddle Up with the Stars: Full & Complete List of Celebrity Peloton Usernames (or Leaderboard Names)

With Peloton’s soaring popularity, an increasing number of prominent individuals from various fields such as professional sports, entertainment, and politics are becoming part of the Peloton community. One of the remarkable aspects of Peloton is the opportunity it provides to ride alongside these famous personalities and gauge your performance on the same ride. In the following compilation, we present an updated roster of celebrity Peloton usernames belonging.

If you happen to be aware of any omission, kindly leave a comment, and we will promptly update the list. It’s worth noting that when available, we have included their respective leaderboard names. For those individuals whose leaderboard names remain uncertain, we have still included them to acknowledge their presence on the platform. For the leaderboard names of your beloved Peloton instructors, you can refer to our dedicated list of Peloton coaches. To facilitate navigation, we have categorized the list into four sections: athletes, musicians, celebrities (including actors and comedians), and politicians. Simply click on the desired section name to swiftly jump to that area!

Celebrity Peloton Usernames (Peloton Leaderboard Names)

Day by day, it becomes increasingly common to stumble upon an Instagram story posted by a celebrity, actor, or comedian, offering a glimpse of their Peloton subtly positioned in the background. Given their public stature, many of them choose not to disclose their leaderboard names. However, if they have acknowledged their affiliation with the Peloton community, we will duly acknowledge and list them here. Discover the intriguing world of celebrities, actors, and comedians who proudly own a Peloton bike or Tread!

Celebrity Peloton Usernames of Actors & Tv Hosts

In this initial classification, we present a compilation of Peloton leaderboard names belonging to a diverse range of individuals in the entertainment industry, including actors, TV hosts, and other notable personalities.

Actor Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Andrea BarberSpinny_Gibbler
Candace Cameron Bruecandyrock
Jaime Camiljaimecamil
Sam Claflinsamclaf
Anderson Cooper
Ayesha Curry
Ellen DeGeneres
Cynthia Erivo
Jimmy Fallon
Jenna Fischer
Charlamagne Tha God
Greg Gutfeld
Tiffany Haddish
Kate Hudson
Hugh Jackmanhjgo
Rob Lowe
Michelle Pfeiffer
Chris Pratt
Al Roker
Ben Stiller
Ali Sweeney
Sofia Vergara
Angela Yee
celebrity peloton usernames
Hugh Jackman shared a screenshot of his Peloton Stats

Celebrity Peloton Usernames of Stand Up Comics & Comedians

Presented here is an exclusive compilation showcasing the Peloton leaderboard aliases used by a vibrant group of talented individuals, including comedians, stand-up comics, and other prominent personalities from the entertainment industry.

Comedian Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Benjy BronkBronkb
High Pitch Erikhighpitcherik
Kevin Hart
Leslie Jones
Brendan Schaub
Howard Stern

Peloton Usernames of Contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

It’s no secret that numerous participants of The Bachelor are proud owners of Peloton bikes. Interestingly, in recent seasons, Peloton seems to have engaged in strategic product placement on the show. Delve into the following list to discover the distinctive Peloton leaderboard names of contestants who have graced both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Bachelorette or Bachelor Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Wells AdamsWellsAdams
Kaitlyn BristoweSpindyCrawford
Tyler Camerontylerjcameron3
Blake HorstmannBalockaye
Astrid LockeSugT23
Jordan Rodgersjrodgers11

Peloton Usernames of Reality Tv Stars

It’s no secret that a multitude of reality TV personalities, including renowned actors from shows like Real Housewives, have openly expressed their affinity for Peloton workouts. Discover the names and usernames of these individuals as we share them below.

Celebrity Peloton Usernames Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Chelsea DeBoerChelsdeboer
Robyn Dixon
Bob Harper
Teddi Mellencampteddimellencamp
Kyle RichardsKyleRichards
Eva Shockey
Emily Simpsonemily_esq

Misc Celebrity Peloton Usernames

Beyond the conventional categories, there exists a group of notable individuals who are celebrated personalities in their own right and proudly own Peloton bikes. Unveiling their identities, we present a compilation of names and usernames for your perusal.

Celebrity Peloton Usernames Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Nina Agdal
Bobby Bones
Richard Branson
Tim Ferriss
Georgia Hardstark
Elin HilderbrandElinWriterBrand
Bob Harperbobharper
Joe Rogan
Emma Thynn Weymouth
Heather ZimmermanHeatherZiMS
celebrity peloton usernames
Nina Agdal

Peloton Usernames of Professional Athletes (Peloton Leaderboard Names)

Peloton Usernames of Football Players & NFL Players

Curious to discover the Peloton leaderboard names of your beloved NFL stars and college football players? Perhaps you’re wondering which NFL players have embraced the Peloton experience? Look no further, as we present you with a compilation of renowned football players who are avid Peloton riders or utilize the Peloton Tread for their workouts. While this list is continually evolving, you can explore the profiles that Booger McFarland follows to uncover additional football players on the platform. If you come across any exciting discoveries, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section!

NFL/Football Player Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Troy Aikman25back
Cliff AvrilMrSackFumble
Kam ChancellorTheHybridOne
Jay CutlerCutler6
Adrian ColbertThePelotonDonx
Mike Golic, Jr
Matt Leinartmattyice111
Patrick Mahomes2PM
Baker MayfieldBRM6
Booger McFarlandbooger9494
Gardner MinshewGardnerMinshew
DJ MooreGivmemoore
Cam Newtonceboog1e
Kyle Rudolph
Geoff SchwartzGSchwartz7474
Richard ShermanRideout25
Joe Staleychip74js
Justin Tucker
Russell WilsonDangeRussWilson

Peloton Usernames of Professional WPGA Players & PGA Golfers

Peloton has become a vibrant hub for the PGA, WPGA, and professional golf communities. Notably, Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy have taken the initiative to organize numerous group rides specifically catered to PGA players. For those curious about the Peloton leaderboard names of professional golfers from both the PGA and WPGA, as well as the golfers who have embraced the Peloton bike or Tread, the following list provides the answers you seek.

Pro Golfers (PGA, WPGA, etc) Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Cara Bankscarabanks
Ricky Barnesrealrickybarnes
Charley Hoffmancharleyhoffman
Billy HorschelBillyHo23
Brooks KoepkaBlakeKoepka
Catriona Matthewbeany25
Rory McIlroyrors89
Ian Poulter
Morgan Pressel
Adam Scottaussiescotty
Brandt Snedekerbsneds
Annika SorenstamAnnika59
Jordan Speith
Justin Thomasjlthomas34
Jimmy WalkerJimmyWalkerPGA
Bubba Watsonbubbawatson
Lee WestwoodWesty1973

Peloton Usernames of Professional Hockey Players & NHL Players

The popularity of Peloton continues to surge among NHL players and other professional hockey athletes. If you’ve been wondering about the Peloton leaderboard names of these hockey stars and which NHL players own a Peloton, look no further. The list provided below encompasses the Peloton usernames of professional hockey players, offering insights into the question, “What NHL hockey players are proud owners of a Peloton?”

NHL Hockey Player Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Jonathan Bernierjobern
Cassie Campbellccp2010
Bruce Cassidy
Eric Joyceericjamesjoyce
Roberto LuongoStrombone1
Marc MethotMarcMethot
Morgan Rielly
Nate ThompsonNThompson44
Tyler ToffoliTylerToff
celebrity peloton usernames
Jonathan Bernier

Peloton Usernames of Professional Basketball Players & NBA Players

Presented here is an exclusive compilation of NBA players and other prominent basketball athletes who have incorporated Peloton into their training regimens. Remarkably, recent reports unveiled that the Golden State Warriors team extensively engages in group Peloton workouts, effectively utilizing them for cross-training purposes. Provided below are the names of notable basketball players, both from the NBA and other spheres, who actively engage with Peloton’s bike or Tread, including their associated leaderboard names wherever available.

NBA Basketball Player Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Stephen Curry
Draymond GreenSpartyon23
Gordon Hayward
Christian Laettner
Dawn Staley

Peloton Usernames of Professional Baseball Players & MLB Players

Introducing a brand new compilation that is currently in its infancy: a comprehensive roster of MLB and professional baseball players who have joined the ever-expanding Peloton community. This compilation aims to shed light on the names of esteemed MLB athletes and pro baseball players who actively participate in Peloton workouts, with a particular focus on their respective Peloton leaderboard names or usernames, whenever available.

MLB Baseball Player Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Derek HollandDutchOven45
Michael MorseMorseCode38
Mike NapoliMikeNap12
Michele Smith

Peloton Usernames of Swimmers

Currently, the Peloton community does not boast an extensive presence of professional swimmers. However, it is worth noting that Michael Phelps, widely regarded as one of the greatest swimmers in history, has joined the Peloton family. Regrettably, the specific leaderboard name associated with Phelps is yet to be disclosed.

Swimmer Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Kathleen BakerKathleenBaker
Michael Phelps
Matt Grevers

Peloton Usernames of Pro Tennis Players

Tennis Players Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Victoria Azarenka
Roger Federer
John Isnerjisner85
Angelique KerberAngeliqueKerber
Martina Navratilovaplutik
Monica Puig
Venus Williams

Peloton Usernames of Pro Soccer Players

Soccer Player Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
David Beckham
Megan Rapinoe

Peloton Usernames of Field & Track Athletes

Athlete Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Scout BassettScoutBassett
Usain BoltUsainBolt
Andre De GrasseAndreDeGrasse
Allyson FelixAllysonFelix
Colleen Quigleysteeplesquigs

Peloton Usernames of UFC Fighters

Fighter Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Conor McGregor

Peloton Usernames of WWE Wrestlers

Wrestler Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Johnny GarganoJohnnyGargano

Peloton Usernames of Gymnasts

Gymnast Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Becky DownieBeckyDownie
Ellie DownieEllieDownie
Kyla Ross

Peloton Usernames of Surfers

Surfer Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
John FlorenceJohnFlorence

Peloton Usernames of Lacrosse Players

Lacrosse Player Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Paul Rabilpaulrabil
celebrity peloton usernames
Paul Rabil

Peloton Usernames of Nascar Drivers & Motocross Racers

Driver Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Kurt Buschkbracer1
Ricky Carmichae

Peloton Usernames of Weightlifters & Fitness Professionals

Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Dana Linn Baileyheyitsdlb
Steve Cook
Morgan Rose Moroney

Peloton Usernames of Singers & Musicians (Peloton Leaderboard Names)

Have you ever been curious about which musicians and singers are proud owners of a Peloton bike or tread? A handful of them have openly shared their Peloton usernames, while others prefer to keep their accounts private. If you happen to know of any other musicians who have embraced Peloton, we invite you to inform us so that we can expand this list accordingly. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Peloton has introduced the engaging ‘Featured Artist Series,’ featuring dedicated classes curated around specific musicians, many of whom are included in this compilation!

Musican Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Mel B (Scary Spice / Melanie Janine Brown)OfficialMelB
Melanie C (Sporty Spice)SportySpiceUK
Miley Cyrus
Debbie GibsonDJDebbieG
Billie Eilish
Joe Jonascup_of_joe
Tori Kelly
Alicia Keys
Nick Lachey
Jennifer Lopez (JLo)
Alanis Morissette
Kacey Musgraves
Jake OwenCoconutMan81
P!nk / Pink
Carrie Underwood

Peloton Usernames of Politicans (Peloton Leaderboard Names)

Even within the realm of politics, Peloton has found a prominent place, with several influential leaders incorporating it into their fitness routines. Explore the list below to discover some of the world leaders who actively engage in workouts with Peloton.

Politician Name Peloton Username / Leaderboard Name
Joe Biden
Michelle Obama
Rishi Sunak
celebrity peloton usernames
Joe Biden / Michelle Obama

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