New Challenge from Peloton: Total Body Bootcamp

To get the year 2021 started off right, Peloton is throwing itself headfirst into Flash Challenges. It has been precisely one week since the conclusion of the most recent Flash Challenge, which was titled “Stack For More.” However, Peloton has already returned with yet another brand-new flash challenge, which means there is yet another opportunity to earn a badge.

New Challenge from Peloton Total Body Bootcamp

This brand-new timed competition is going to be named Total Body Bootcamp. In the following two weeks, from January 25th through February 8th, the objective is to finish four different types of boot camps.

However, the terminology of the challenge only refers to “Bootcamp.” It does not differentiate between “Tread Bootcamp” and “Bike Bootcamp.” Given this information, it would seem that any option would be acceptable for the challenge. 

New Challenge from Peloton Total Body Bootcamp
Badge for the Total Body Bootcamp Challenge.

You may register for the competition either on this page of Peloton’s website or on the tablet that is attached to your Bike or Treads!

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