Class Stacking Challenge by Peloton: Stack for More

In case you haven’t noticed, Peloton has introduced a much-requested new feature called Class Stacking! With this feature, you will be able to create your own playlist of on-demand lessons and then attend those sessions one after the other.

Peloton has developed a new flash challenge called “Stack for More” to entice people to check out certain stacks. This challenge is intended to assist and give individuals an additional push in the direction of trying out the courses. There will be unique badges for those who complete many rounds of either the aerobic or strength courses.

Class Stacking Challenge by Peloton: Stack for More

To be more specific, there are three levels. Tier 1 is achieved after completing 6 exercises, Tier 2 after completing 9 exercises, and Tier 3 after completing 12 workout sessions. The challenge will be active from the 18th of January through the 1st of February.

On the website of Peloton, there is a sign-up form for the challenge.

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