5 asanas that burn fat quickly

Yoga is relaxing. Yoga is Om. Yoga means lying on the mat in Savasana. Not correct. None of this is even remotely a fraction of what yoga actually means. You can really sweat a lot doing yoga. Yoga makes the muscles tremble. Yoga clears the mind and builds tremendous strength. And yes, by the way, you might lose a few kilos. For all those who want to shed that cozy winter fat, here we have a complete of fat-burning asanas. From the upper arm and stomach to the bottom and legs, we’ll show you how you can melt fat with a few exercises. Have fun imitating!

1-  Asanas to burn fat: Get on the belly fat

Women, in particular, often have the problem that every piece of chocolate falls on their hips just by looking at it. Of course, it’s a bit easier for men – and it can be trained better and faster. Nevertheless, with the following three asanas, you can already scratch the surface and lay the necessary foundation for a firm and toned stomach.

2-   Asanas for a firm stomach: Bhujangasana – the cobra

What looks from the outside like a simple asana for lying down yoga is actually a position that penetrates your muscles deeply. The cobra relaxes and strengthens your back, opens your stomach, lungs, shoulders, and chest, and even improves your digestion. By the way, your abdominal muscles will be properly formed.

The instructions for your cobra:

  • Start flat on your stomach, and keep your forehead on the mat. You can also lay the tops of your feet flat on the floor with your heels hip-width apart.
  • Now pull your elbows back so far that your hands are close to your body, and you can place them flat above chest height. Your fingertips point forward. You release your head from the mat and slowly stand up a few centimeters. Breathe in and out calmly and regularly.
  • Now slowly straighten your upper body. Next, raise your shoulders, chest, and stomach up, and straighten your arms.
  • Also, try to raise your pelvis.
  • Now bring your head up, your gaze forward, in line with your spine.
  • Stay in this position for a few breaths.
  • When you are satisfied, release the position slowly.

3-  Asanas for a toned stomach: Dhanurasana – the bow

Another great exercise for toning your abs and the resulting tightening is the arch. You can go straight to the bow after the cobra for an intensive workout if you like. Alternatively, you can also perform both asanas separately. The bow is a miracle exercise for the stomach, legs, and buttocks and also activates your throat and throat chakra.

A good-humored yoga teacher who explains and demonstrates Dhanurasana in detail in front of a beautiful landscape: In this video, you can see and hear how to get into the bow:

Instructions for your bow:

  • Again, you start in a lying position. Let your arms rest loosely beside your body with your palms facing up.
  • Stay here for a few breaths before bending your knees and bringing your feet toward your buttocks. Grab your ankles with your hands. Feet and legs stay level with your hips.
  • On your next inhale, move your heels away from your buttocks and lift your thighs. You can use the resulting tensile force to lift your chest. Make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together and push your shoulders down.
  • Now exhale and lift your tailbone and thus your rear hips a little. Your back muscles remain relaxed.
  • To complete the exercise, raise your head until your gaze is completely forward. Keep your stomach tight the entire time and keep it pressed to the floor. This will stabilize your entire posture.
  • Enjoy the tension in your body and stay here for a few moments before slowly releasing.

4-  Asanas for a toned stomach: Vasisthasana – the side plank

If there were a ranking of the unloved asanas, then this would certainly be placed relatively high up. The Side plank, Vasisthasana, is an incredibly strenuous but very effective asana. Your lateral abdominal muscles, in particular, will be particularly happy about this exercise.

Instructions for your side plank:

  • While lying down, roll onto your side and prop yourself up on your left foot. Then, place your right foot on top of your left foot while extending your right arm straight in the air.
  • In this position, make sure that all muscles are really tense – from the stomach to the legs to the buttocks.
  • Now stay here for a few breaths before switching to the other side.

5-  Asanas to burn fat: declaration of war

In the following, we will introduce you to asanas that will shape any part of your body and destroy annoying love handles.

a) Downward-facing dog with dancing legs

Bring yourself into a downward-facing dog. Once you’re comfortable and standing, you can take a deep breath while bringing your right leg up high, so your hips feel nice and open. On your next exhale, bring your knee to your nose and pull your belly button in towards your spine. Inhale again and bring your leg to the starting position.

Task: Repeat this asana 10 times in a row, switching legs.

b) Plank and raise your arms

From the downward-facing dog, the best thing you can do now brings yourself directly into the plank position. Combining both exercises not only makes you sweat but also creates a great flow that gets your pulse going and thus boosts fat burning even more.

Once you are in a plank position, bring your right arm and left leg into the air. Stay here and enjoy that maybe your whole body is shaking. It has to be like this, don’t worry. After a few breaths, you can switch sides. After that, relax a little and start again.

Task: 5 to 10 repetitions would be great here.

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