Buffalo: The Name-Dropping Game

Can you name a pop star, blind scientist, or skinny superman? Your fellow players may leave you feeling buffaloed if you don’t think quickly!

Buffalo is a card game that requires quick thinking and creative combinations. The name-dropping game will challenge you to name-drop faster than any of your friends. Collect the most cards and win! What is the fastest time you can name a vain artist?! What about a glasses-wearing heartthrob! You won’t be surprised to find yourself surrounded by curious players eager to name an irritating conqueror or perky religious figure.

Buffalo is a 20-minute party game for adults and their families (2-4 players, ages 14-18). Players are encouraged to get involved in the middle of a game.


Flip one card from each deck over to the other. Instantly, all players race to name a fictional or real person who matches the descriptions on the cards. The matched cards are awarded to the first player to name a match. The decks are finished when the winner is the player with more cards.

When the group is Buffaloed by the cards at the table and unable to make a match with them, someone adds another card to the table from each deck.


buffalo – The name-dropping game is part of a National Science Foundation project called “Transforming Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” for women and girls. This funding enabled Tiltfactor, together with the National Girls Collaborative Project, to conduct research and create games that are based on psychological theory and empirical research. These games were created with the goal of decreasing gender bias and increasing participation in STEM. Initial data suggests that Buffalo: The name-dropping game decreases prejudice and encourages greater inclusion in players’ representations of social identity groups.


I have one buffalo and one other card on the table. Can I name someone who matches that descriptor?

The group is not buffaloed. Two more cards are needed.

Is it okay to add two cards to a group that is already buffaloed?

You can only add more cards to match the ones you have already made.


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