New Peloton Flash challenge / badge: “We Don’t Quit”

Peloton’s first flash challenge for the year 2023 has been created. This Challenge is called “We Don’t Quit”.

Most people give up on their resolutions by the second Friday of January. You weren’t one of them. It was a tough decision that you made. Let’s keep going. To earn your badge, you will need to train 7 days between January 16 and 23.

The “We Don’t Quit” Challenge will begin Monday, January 16th 2023 and continue for the following week.

This was in line with yesterday’s social media posts from Peloton instructors encouraging people work out.

New Peloton Flash challenge badge “We Don’t Quit”
Screenshot: New Peloton’s Challenge “We don’t Quit”

The Peloton App, Bike, Row, or Tread are all ways to join this challenge. You can also join the challenge through the Peloton website.

It is not clear what you need to do in order to earn this badge. The badge page states that you need to exercise for 7 days. However, social media posts such as this one from Peloton’s Instagram (image below) mention that you only need to do 7 workouts in order to earn the badge.

New Peloton Flash challenge badge “We Don’t Quit”
An Insta post from Peloton regarding the challenge.

Do you like challenges that motivate you to exercise every day? Peloton offers their annual challenge with badges that can be earned for exercising for a specific amount of time.

You can sign up to the challenge by visiting the website, using your Tread or Bike touchscreen, or the App.

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