7 new MMORPGs that will definitely be released in 2023

new MMORPGs that will definitely be released in 2023

The year 2023 should bring some new MMORPGs, at least if the developers can stick to their plans. Four pieces have already been officially announced for 2023, and a few more have the potential to appear. First, we introduce you to the new MMORPGs in this list.

What is this list? On CityRyde, we regularly present new MMORPGs that are yet to be released. So that you don’t lose track of which games are currently in development, we have created this list.

All titles mentioned here have officially announced their release for 2023 here in the west. First, we’ll tell you what makes the games special and how likely their release is this year.

This article was last updated on January 2, 2023. We added Chainmonsters, updated Fractured, and adjusted some links.

Throne and Liberty

Setting: Fantasy | Developer: NCSoft | Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox | Release date: First half of 2023 | Model: Unknown

What kind of game is this? TL was originally announced as Lineage 3 or Lineage Eternal. However, it was redesigned from the ground up in 2017 to become a “true next-gen MMORPG.”

However, there are not many details yet:

  • The game world should be completely open.
  • The story of the game is in focus.
  • You play in the third person and not in the iso perspective as originally planned.
  • There should be a variety of ways to get around, including climbing hooks and the transformation into a flying or aquatic animal.
  • The environment should play an important role. So much depends on the day, night, or weather.
  • In the game, you will encounter huge world bosses again and again.
  • Castle sieges play an important role.

However, information about the classes and the general PvE and PvP content is currently missing. There is now a trailer with the first gameplay that looks really good. We have included it for you here:

New MMORPG hope from Korea finally shows lots of gameplay in the new trailer

Who is it interesting for? Throne and Liberty are aimed at MMORPG fans who are waiting for a new action game from Korea that also has a really big budget. PvP seems to play an important role, although it’s unclear if you’ll be forced into it.

However, NCSoft has to deliver with Throne and Liberty since a lot of money has already flowed into the development. Therefore, a small niche MMORPG with autoplay would not be enough.

How likely is the 2023 release? 75%. In between, it was said that Throne and Liberty should even come in 2021. At that time, the game had no name and no trailer.

Then the MMORPG should definitely appear in 2022, but only the first tests took place there. So, the release seems likely in 2023, even if a postponement is still possible.


Setting: Fantasy | Developer : Dynamight Studios | Platform : PC | Release Date : 2023 | Model : Buy2Play

What kind of game is this? Fractured is a sandbox game that is essentially similar to Ultima Online. You experience the MMORPG from the iso perspective and should basically be able to play however you want. For this purpose, Fractured relies on a very special concept.

There are 3 playable races, each corresponding to your player type:

Fractured also dispenses with fixed classes and instead offers you a talent tree. There you can distribute the points you have earned according to your wishes and to suit your playing style. The MMORPG also wants to reduce the grind aspect by constantly inviting you to explore and kill new monsters via a knowledge system in order to level up your skills instead of always experiencing the same activities.

In the endgame, the focus is on the cities, which can be controlled by different guilds and conquered in PvP. There will be 30 large and over 90 small cities that players will fight over.

Who is it interesting for? Fractured is aimed at sandbox fans who enjoy grinding but don’t want to experience the same activities over and over again. In addition, the special concept of the three worlds should appeal to PvE and PvP fans. However, many still doubt that there will be enough content at the start.

How likely is the 2023 release? 75% The developers had already released Fractured in Early Access on Steam, but the final version should take some time. However, everything pointed to a safe release in the first half of 2023.

But now, a new third-party provider is being sought for the servers. As a result, the game will be shut down for the time being on January 31, but it should come back in time. What that means exactly, and when the MMORPG returns are not known.

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Mad World: Age of Darkness

Setting: 2D Dark Fantasy | Developer : Jandisoft | Platform : PC | Release Date : 2023 | Model : Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Mad World is a very dark MMORPG played from an iso perspective in 2.5D. The graphic style is particularly striking, showing very bizarre opponents who were all hand-drawn, according to the developers.

The highlights of the game are, above all, the gloomy graphics and the fact that you can play Mad World not only on Steam but also simply in your browser and thus also cross-platform.

The game is being developed by Jandisoft, some of whom have previously worked on the MMORPG classic Metin 2. You can watch the first gameplay here:

Who is it interesting for? Mad World is aimed at players who are looking for a complex MMORPG in the style of Path of Exile but with its own graphic style. However, it will rather fill a niche and not for the general public.

How likely is the 2023 release? 80% Mad World was supposed to be released in 2021 and 2022. However, the beta tests have been piling up lately and a lot of the gameplay looks pretty finished. At first glance, there is not much in the way of a release in 2023.

War of Dragnorox

Setting: Fantasy | Developer : Triune Studios | Platform : PC | Release Date : 2023 | Model : Pay2Play

What kind of game is this? War of Dragnorox describes itself as an “old school sandbox MMORPG” with a clear focus on PvE. At the start, there should be an open world with 30 areas, dangerous monsters, and 19 different raids. Good endgame content is particularly important to the developers.

They also emphasize that their game world should be very dynamic:

Apart from Dungeon Masters, the MMORPG relies on traditional values. For example, there are 7 classes, and the combat system relies on tab targeting, although the developers emphasized in July 2022 that it has now become significantly more dynamic.

When it comes to equipment, the game is based on EverQuest. So there will be no general Gearscore, but the various attributes and bonuses on the equipment play a major role. This should keep any drop from the raids or bosses interesting.

In addition, the MMORPG does not have a shop, crowdfunding packages, or initial costs. Instead, there is a $9.99 monthly subscription.

Who is it interesting for? War of Dragnorox will be a subscription MMORPG and will rely on rather simple graphics. This will put off many interested players at first. It also deliberately appeals to fans of old-school MMORPGs. However, if you feel like an adventure like in EverQuest, you should keep an eye on the game.

How likely is the 2023 release? 50% The game is being developed by an indie studio, and that always comes with risks. While there has been a fair amount of progress since it was announced in December 2021, including the move to Unreal Engine 5 and the first version of Sieges, overall, it still looks pretty unfinished.

Chain Monsters

Setting: Pokemon | Developer : B Side Games | Platform : PC, Android, iOS, Consoles | Release Date : 2023 in Early Access | Model : Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Chainmonsters wants to combine the concept of Pokémon with MMORPGs. You follow a story told through quests, and you can catch, train and fight with monsters.

  • It can also be fought in 2v2.

Chainmonsters is slated for release in Early Access on Steam, Android, and iOS in 2023. Crossplay and a console version are planned. The MMORPG becomes Free2Play.

Who is it interesting for? If you would like to experience a game like Pokémon as an MMORPG and have already had fun with Temtem, you should keep an eye on Chainmonsters. Especially special boss events and raids in multiplayer sound really interesting.

It is currently somewhat questionable how big the influence of the blockchain will be.

How likely is the 2023 release? 80% There is already a playable demo that offers little content but runs very smoothly. So the release in Early Access shouldn’t be a big problem.

Odin: Valhalla Rising

Setting: Vikings/Fantasy | Developer : Lionheart Games | Platform : PC, Android, iOS | Release Date : Q4 2023 | Model : Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Odin: Valhalla Rising takes place in a world of Norse mythology. Well-known figures such as Odin or Thor should appear in it, as well as the continents Midgard, Jötunheim, Nidawellir, and Albenheim.

  • You explore an open game world without loading screens, where lots of adventures await you.
  • You have four classes to choose from – warrior, rogue, priest, and sorceress.
  • There is a Holy Trinity of Tank, DD, and Healer
  • You should be able to climb, ride, swim and fly kites in the World
  • Dungeons and PvP battles await you in the endgame

This video by YouTuber Steparu gives you a first insight:

Who is it interesting for? Odin: Valhalla Rising is primarily aimed at fans of mobile MMORPGs. You can see that in the UI and the autoplay. Graphically, however, it makes a good impression there. So if you’re looking for a nice MMORPG on your smartphone that can handle the annoying content on your own, you should keep an eye on the game from Korea.

How likely is the 2023 release? 80% Odin was released in Korea back in 2021 and was a huge hit. In the first two days, it is said to have made sales of over 11 million euros. The release in the west was announced for 2022 and should be carried out by Kakao Games (Elyon, ArcheAge). It is now said by Kakao that the game should definitely be released in 2023, but only in the fourth quarter.

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Blue Protocol

Setting: Anime/SciFi | Developer : Bandai Namco | Platform : PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date : Second Half 2023 | Model : Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Blue Protocol will be a theme park MMORPG with anime graphics and action-packed battles. It focuses on PvE content and a story around time travel. Because you flee 1,000 years into the past to prevent a catastrophe there and thus save the World.

  • Heavy Smasher was announced as the newest class in June 2021.
  • There is also a combo system.
  • Raids should also be planned.

Amazon announced at the Game Awards 2022 that they want to bring Blue Protocol to the west.

Who is it interesting for? Blue Protocol is aimed at anime MMORPGs fans who want to experience action-packed combat and a deep story. Anyone who has previously enjoyed Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy should definitely try the game. On the other hand, if you love PvP, you should look for another MMORPG because it is completely omitted.

How likely is the 2023 release? 80% Blue Protocol is scheduled for release in Japan in early 2023 and will then be brought to us by Amazon. If there are no major technical difficulties, we will get the MMORPG in the second half of the year.

All titles that were announced for 2022 but not released.

Last year we made a list of games that the developers said should be released in 2022. However, these MMORPGs are still in development, which makes a release quite possible. These titles include:

  • Justice Online, the flagship MMORPG from NetEase, is known to us for Revelation Online and the development of Diablo Immortal. The World is based on a wuxia novel and offers exciting “martial arts” fights. So much is reminiscent of a better Swords of Legends.
  • EGON: Inferna Bellum, an iso perspective MMORPG like Lost Ark. It, focuses on dungeons and raids, as well as PvP with 1,000 players. Graphically, however, it looks a bit weaker than the competitor Lost Ark.
  • In Chrono Odyssey, you slip into the role of a member of the special unit “Idraiginn” who wage war against the 12 gods. It should be based on a job system like FFXIV and offer action-packed fights and huge realm-vs-realm battles.
  • On Steam, Cinderstone Online describes itself as a “cute and colorful” MMORPG set in a 2.5D world. However, it will be a sandbox game with 12 different classes, many life skills, and PvP and caravan events in the endgame – as known from ArcheAge.


What kind of game is this? Corepunk is a top-down MMORPG with an open world. A lot is reminiscent of League of Legends visually and from the gameplay. For example, you control your character with the mouse instead of WASD and also have to use the mouse to fire skill shots.

At the same time, Corepunk is a classic MMORPG that, according to the developers, should be reminiscent of WoW Classic in terms of difficulty. You can expect dungeons and raids that should be comparable to Mythic+ in WoW. Add to that PvE content in the open World, PvP, and crafting, where you need to know the best crafters on a server if you want the best items.

How likely is the 2023 release? 30% of Corepunk was supposed to start the first beta tests in 2021 but had to postpone them to 2022. However, the Ukrainian development studio suffered from the war with Russia and had to regroup abroad.

In the meantime, the situation at the studio is said to have stabilized, and the focus is again on the development of the MMORPG. A beta is scheduled to start later this year.

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