Jess Sims Makes a Comeback on ESPN College GameDay This Autumn – Set to Record Saturday 60 Classes with Members

Peloton’s beloved instructor, Jess Sims, is making a triumphant return to the ESPN College GameDay broadcasting team for the upcoming 2023-2024 football season. Jess made her dazzling debut with College GameDay last year, and we’re thrilled to announce her comeback, starting with the first game on Saturday, September 2 in the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

For those who might not be acquainted with it, College GameDay is ESPN’s lively pregame football show that graces our screens on Saturday mornings during the college football season. The team embarks on a weekly journey to a different campus, capturing the essence of games happening all across the nation.

Now, let’s talk about Jess’ famous Tread Bootcamp series, the Saturday 60. Normally, it goes live at noon Eastern every Saturday. However, during the college football season, it will undergo a transformation into pre-recorded on-demand episodes (likely labeled as premiere classes in the upcoming schedule).

But here’s the exciting twist: Saturday 60 classes are no longer just virtual affairs. Peloton has opened its doors to in-person participation by members. As a result, these classes will be filmed in the studio every Monday. The first one is already lined up for September 11 at 12:00pm ET, but please note, it won’t be aired live—it’s a pre-recorded session.

Jess Sims Makes a Comeback on ESPN College GameDay 3

And that’s not all! Mark your calendars for September 18 and October 2, both at 2:00pm ET, because there are more in-person sessions scheduled. As of now, all the slots are completely booked, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for future openings.

Jess herself shared this exciting update on her Instagram with a video:

“EXCITING NEWS, Y’ALL. Watch til the end! The next few months I’ll be on the road with @collegegameday (and can’t wait to see y’all across the country!) ANDDDDD I am so excited to say that new #saturday60 classes WILL continue to be premiering weekly on Saturdays AFTER we record them IN STUDIO WITH MEMBERS ON MONDAYS!!!! I’m so grateful to have your energy, so make sure you look for the #saturday60 on the schedule on Mondays and sign up! Even after today’s hideous one 😩😵‍💫🫣 OH! And I’ll be putting out a google doc like last year where you can input your milestones for shout outs so be on the lookout for that ❤️ love y’all!!!!”

Jess Sims Makes a Comeback on ESPN College GameDay 3

The Saturday 60 classes will likely be added to the studio booking site six weeks in advance, just like other classes. They will be filmed on Monday and subsequently become available in the on-demand library, probably premiering on the encore schedule at the standard Saturday 60 time slot of 12:00pm ET on Saturdays.

If you’re eager to secure a spot in the studio for one of these sessions, we’ve got you covered. Check out our comprehensive studio booking guide for all the information you need. Stay tuned for an incredible season with Jess Sims and College GameDay!

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