Best Earplugs for Swimming (Tested – No Debate!)

A good set of swimming earplugs will do more than just keep the water out of your ears; they will also help you concentrate on your training by filtering out distracting noises.

Not only will this make your swim more pleasant, but it will also reduce your risk of developing swimmer’s ear, a bacterial infection caused by untreated water trapped in the ear canal.

In that case, go no further than our selection of the awesome earplug as your swimming gear below, which includes both brightly colored pairs that are easy to keep track of in the water and exceptionally tight fits that keep the distractions and water out.

#1 Speedo Ergo Earplugs for Swimming

These ergonomic shape Speedo plugs are manufactured from a soft TPR material and are designed to be secure while still being pleasant. The long stem should prevent jiggling, and the plug’s shape conforms to the outer ear, so it should stay in.

Speedo claims the innovative construction will significantly reduce the possibility of leakage and that the headphones are simple to put in and take out of your ears. You can keep your plugs secure between swims without worrying about losing them since they come with a little storage box.

#2 Waterproof earplugs by Zoggs

These hypo-allergenic shaped silicone earplugs from Zoggs are designed to prevent discomfort and provide a snug fit for those with sensitive skin and ears. These Zoggs plugs are designed to be comfortable and simple to use while still being “very efficient in blocking out water.”

Though they are reusable earplugs, we recommend you wash them in cold water after each use and store them in the supplied carrying bag.

#3 Hearprotek Swimmers’ Earplugs

These Hearprotek earplugs are great for any activity where your head will be submerged. They keep water out of your ears while still letting you hear what’s going on around you.

The double flange design on these earplugs is claimed to keep water out, and the silicone material and ergonomic design should make them easy to wear for extended periods of time.

They come in three different sizes to ensure a proper fit, and their bright colors make them easy to identify in the water if one should get dislodged.

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#4 Speedo BioFUSE Aquatic Earplugs

The slim-looking earplugs from Speedo come with a case and are made with multiple flanges along the stem to make a tight, watertight fit.

#5 Alpine SwimSafe Reusable Swimming Ear Plugs

These earplugs are designed to provide a moderate amount of insulation, protection from water, and ventilation thanks to their unique AlpineAcousticFilter technology. This is because the earbuds are made of AlpineThermoShape material that molds to the user’s ear without causing discomfort.

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#6 Finis Earplugs

The FINIS ear plug is made of 100% silicone to provide a tight and pleasant seal against water while the swimmer dips under water. Furthermore, it has a unique form that is said to prevent water from entering the ear without causing any pain or harm to the ear canals. These headphones are available in a standard size that is supposed to be suitable for the ears of the vast majority of people, and they also come with a convenient carrying case.

#7 Nike Earplugs

Nike swimming Earplugs

These stylish earplugs (not available on Amazon) are composed of soft rubber and should easily conform to the shape of the wearer’s ear canal. The twin flanges on its design are there to provide a reliable seal against water leaks.


It’s easy for water to get into your ear canal without earplugs, and that might cause middle ear infections. Otitis Externa, more often known as “Swimmer’s Ear,” is a painful ailment brought on by extended hours spent in water. It may, in severe circumstances, lead to total hearing loss.

  • Foam earplugs are cost-effective earplugs but inefficient in preventing water from entering the ear canal. Hence, you won’t find any of them on our recommended reading list.
  • Preformed silicone is the most popular choice among swimmers because of their longevity and comfort. However, for others, the loose fit means that they often dislodge from their ears.
  • Silicone putty earplugs: they may be pressed into the ear canal and shaped to a comfortable fit. One drawback is that it might be more of a pain to clean them.

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How to use earplugs for swimming?

There are a lot of pair of swimming earplugs on the market, so it can be difficult to find the perfect pair. Here are some tips on how to choose the right ones:

  • Earplugs should fit snugly and completely into your ears. If they fall out, they won’t protect your hearing from water noise.
  • Choose earplugs that have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of at least 30 dB. This will help block out most noise while you’re swimming.
  • Test the ear plug before you use them in a pool or ocean to make sure they block out all the noise.

Tips for staying safe when swimming with earplugs

Swimming with a pair of earplugs is a great way to keep safe while in the pool. Here are some tips for finding the best earplugs for swimming:

  • Choose earplugs that fit well and are comfortable to wear. Some people find that smaller earplugs work better than larger earplugs, depending on their ear size.
  • Test the corded earplugs before using them in the pool. This will help you find out if they fit properly and are comfortable to wear.
  • If you are using multiple sets of earplugs, put them in before getting into the water and leave them in while swimming. This will help reduce unwanted noise and protect your hearing.
  • If you experience any ringing or buzzing after swimming with earplugs, remove them, let your ears dry, and see a doctor. These noises may be signs of an underlying medical condition, and can be dangerous if ignored. In certain cases, your doctor might give you antibiotic ear drops on prescription.
  • Clean your ear with cotton swabs regularly after swimming.


Swimming can be a great way to relieve stress and clear your head, but it can also be extremely noisy. To avoid getting too agitated while swimming, it’s important to use earplugs to avoid drowning out the sounds of water rushing around you.

We’ve put together a list of the best earplugs for swimming. We hope that you find the perfect pair for you.

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