Callie Gullickson Shares Best Hack to Stay Active When Traveling

When it comes to maintaining her fitness routine while traveling, Peloton’s esteemed Strength and Bike Bootcamp instructor, Callie Gullickson, understands the importance of staying motivated. She embraces a philosophy that centers around taking the work seriously but not oneself, both in her classes and personal workouts. For Callie, the key to staying motivated on the road lies in keeping the workouts enjoyable, rather than striving for the most intense sessions.

As a former dancer and self-proclaimed Trader Joe’s aficionado, Callie prioritizes fun when choosing her workouts while traveling. She opts for activities that sound exciting and engaging, such as music-genre classes or trying out new workout styles. Dance cardio holds a special place in her heart, as it allows her to let go of any concerns about appearance and simply focus on moving and enjoying herself. These types of classes feel more like enjoyable experiences rather than intense workouts, making them perfect for staying active during her travels.

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“I know how good I feel after movement, and I just need something to start my day off right.”


During her travels, whether for vacations or holiday getaways, Gullickson has honed the art of striking a balance between movement and relaxation. She emphasizes the importance of remembering the post-workout euphoria she experiences once the sweat session is complete. While Gullickson acknowledges that working out may not be a necessity while on vacation, she recognizes the positive impact it has on her overall well-being and aims to start her day off right with some form of exercise.

For those resuming regular work travel after a hiatus during the pandemic, Gullickson suggests viewing workouts as energy boosters and mood enhancers before potentially long and hectic days. By approaching workouts in this manner, she believes that good energy attracts positive outcomes. Whether it’s an important meeting or any other task, engaging in a workout beforehand helps to foster a confident mindset and optimal energy levels.

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When it comes to staying active while on the road, Gullickson relies on a travel hack known as “exercise snacks,” although not of the Trader Joe’s variety. Recognizing the common excuse of busyness during travel, she acknowledges that short workouts can be fitting even within a packed schedule. With the availability of numerous 10-minute workouts on the Peloton app or Bike, she often finds herself motivated to extend her exercise routine, saying, “I can do a little bit more. I’ll stay for another 10-minute workout.”

Exciting news awaits those preparing for a busy season of travel, wondering how to incorporate workouts effectively. Peloton and Hilton have recently unveiled an unprecedented partnership. By the year’s end, almost all 5,400 Hilton-branded hotels in the U.S., including Hampton by Hilton, DoubleTree, and Waldorf Astoria, will feature at least one Peloton Bike in their fitness centers. Additionally, Hilton Honors members can access a complimentary 90-day trial of the Peloton App from now until January 1, 2023. This partnership ensures that Peloton can cater to its new and existing members wherever they may be—at home, in the gym, or on the road.

For those seeking a refreshing change to their stagnant fitness routines, traveling to new destinations presents an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. Gullickson highlights the tendency to fall into a monotonous routine at home, making it all the more enticing to explore various classes offered by Peloton’s app and Bike when on the road.

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In addition to physical activity, Gullickson recognizes the significance of other self-care practices to feel her best while away from home. Prioritizing sufficient sleep, journaling, and staying hydrated contribute to her overall well-being. She speaks highly of Peloton’s in-app sleep meditations, which she finds immensely beneficial. From short morning meditations to the soothing sleep sessions, she appreciates their effectiveness in helping her relax and achieve quality rest. Even waking up in the middle of the night, Gullickson marvels at their calming influence, momentarily questioning if her phone is still playing the meditation.

While Gullickson has discovered a personalized balance between movement and rest that suits her, it remains crucial to honor one’s individual needs during travel. If that entails indulging in a blissful ten-hour slumber in the comfort and tranquility of a cozy hotel room, embracing such rejuvenation is key. Ultimately, it’s essential to listen to your body and provide it with what it truly requires during your journey.

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