The cooperation between Peloton and United Healthcare is developing further

As of 2021, the offering of a Peloton subscription has been included in employer-sponsored plans. However, with this development of the program, smaller firms with 3,000 workers or fewer, as well as self-funded plan holders, now have the opportunity to additionally benefit from the collaboration.

The following statistic on the use of the benefit was supplied prior to the expansion that took place today:

UnitedHealthcare customers are collectively finishing over one million Peloton courses per month since it was first launched in 2021; amongst participants who’ve already completed at least one session during a particular month, subscribers are completing an average of over three sessions each week.

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Because of this increase, approximately 10 million United Healthcare clients are now qualified to get either a free Peloton application subscription that lasts for a whole year or free All-Access Member status for three months.

Members who are eligible for the extra advantage should have received an email from United Healthcare notifying them of the change. But, members may also verify their eligibility by clicking here or logging into

The United Healthcare Partnership Support website on Peloton is another great resource that users may utilize to get answers to any issues they might have.

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