Group of Peloton employees sues the company in California

Peloton is facing another lawsuit from current and former employees. This group includes employees of Peloton warehouses located in Riverside County and Northern California. They are alleging several violations of the California Labor Code.

MyNewsLA, a local news website that covers Los Angeles County and Orange County, reported:

The the Los Angeles Superior Court suit was brought under the state’s Private Attorneys General Act. It allows allegedly “aggrieved workers” to bring lawsuits to recover civil penalties for purported Labor Code violations.

According to the suit, employees are denied overtime pay, meal breaks, rest breaks, and reimbursement for personal expenses. The suit’s key plaintiffs are Salvador Pulido, Timothy Van Nortwick and Joshua Reyes, all of whom were former assembly technicians. They share their experiences and give examples that date back to the Covid-19 epidemic, when Peloton products were at an all-time high.

Peloton has yet to respond to the suit.

Recent developments in Peloton’s legal battles have been notable. Echelon and Peloton announced that they had reached settlements in all of their ongoing lawsuits. Former instructor Daniel McKenna is now suing Peloton. Peloton was got an extension until 3rd of next month to respond to McKenna.

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