How To Get Peloton Century Club Shirt?

Are you a devoted Peloton user eager to challenge yourself further? You could already be a part of the Peloton Century Club, or you might be interested in learning more about what it takes to become a member. A select group of Peloton riders known as the Century Club has completed 100 Peloton sessions. When you accomplish this outstanding milestone, you will be awarded a Century Club jersey to display with pride while working out.

The Peloton Century Club:

A select group of Peloton customers who have completed 100 workouts is known as the Century Club. A Century Club shirt, which can only be obtained by perseverance and hard effort, is given in recognition of this accomplishment. Riders in the Peloton who reach this goal are acknowledged on the scoreboard and are welcome to take part in special challenges and activities.

How to Join?

It’s simple to join the Peloton Century Club. All you have to do is finish 100 exercises on the treadmill or Peloton bike. This covers any live or recorded classes, leisurely rides, and outside runs you’ve undertaken using the Peloton app. Just visit your Peloton profile to see your stats and keep track of your progress. You’ll get a notice and an email with instructions on how to get your Century Club shirt after you’ve completed 100 exercises.

How to Become a Member of the Peloton Century Club

It takes a lot of effort to join the Peloton Century Club. It requires perseverance, commitment, and reliability. Here are some ideas to assist you in achieving your objective:

  • Don’t expect to do 100 sessions in a month if you’re new to Peloton. Instead, set a reasonable target. Set a modest initial objective and gradually increase it. Maybe set a target of 10 workouts in the first month, then progressively raise it.
  • Don’t simply do the same exercise every time; vary it up. Enjoy a range of courses, including yoga, cycling, jogging, and strength training. You’ll stay motivated and help minimize boredom by doing this.
  • Joining a Peloton group or working out with a buddy might help keep you responsible and motivated.
  • Consider your Peloton workouts to be appointments. Make them a top priority and schedule them in advance.

How to Get Your Century Club Peloton Shirt?

You’ll get an email with details on how to get your Century Club shirt after completing 100 Peloton sessions. Your shipping details and shirt size must be entered on a form.

  • Please take notice that the Century Club shirt can only be obtained by completing 100 exercises; it cannot be purchased.
  • If you utilize the app, you won’t get the email since the Peloton century jersey is only accessible to all-access subscribers as of August 31st, 2021.

Steps to Claim Century Club Shirt:

  1. Click on the link in the email that says “Order Century Shirt” as soon as you have calmed down after receiving it.
  2. Enter the century shirt code after that.
  3. The sizes available to you range from XS to 3XL. Originally, the sizes were smaller, but Peloton seems to have fixed the problem, so you may get your precise size right now. Thus, choose your size and then click “add to basket.”
  4. Lastly, choose “checkout,” provide your shipping information, and await the arrival of your shirt.


What is the time required to acquire a Century Club shirt?

A. How often you exercise will determine how long it takes you to obtain a Century Club shirt. Although it could take others years, some Peloton users have already earned their shirts.

Using the Peloton app, can I earn a Century Club shirt?

A. Absolutely, using the Peloton app to complete workouts counts toward the Century Club.

Is there a cutoff date for retrieving my Century Club shirt?

A. There isn’t a cutoff date for reclaiming your Century Club shirt. You’ll get an email with instructions after you’ve completed 100 exercises.

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