Marina Andersen: Peloton German Instructor – AKA Marathon Princess

Peloton has just announced that Marina Andresen will be joining their team of German Tread instructors as the second of their three trainers. Since the rerelease of the Peloton Tread in August, Andresen has been confirmed by Peloton as the seventh new Tread coach to join their team.

Who exactly is “Marathon Princess” Marina Andresen?

A significant number of people in the running community are familiar with Marina Andresen mostly due to her social media profiles and the blog of the same name, ” Marathon Princess,” on which she invites readers along on her insane running endeavors that involve zigzagging around the world. Marina brings a wealth of expertise to the table when it comes to challenges, having competed in over 80 races in more than 20 nations.

And Marina doesn’t only run seriously and a lot; she also manages to keep a stunning appearance when she’s out there pounding the pavement. And she always emphasizes the joy she gets when running as well as the difficulties she faces while coming up with inventive running attire.

But Marina is also an entrepreneur, and before the epidemic started, she launched Marathon Travels, a start-up that arranges marathon vacations and running excursions, as well as virtual running competitions. Therefore, there ought to consistently be something interesting happening with Marina Andresen when she is on the Peloton treadmill.

Marina and Her Resilience:

Marinaone of the hottest female Peloton trainers, is a self-motivated and ambitious runner; if she sets her mind to something, she will achieve it. “When you run, you challenge yourself with every stride, and you leave your comfort zone behind,” is her philosophy.

In the interview that was published on, she discussed her resiliency in terms of her physical strength and used the following words to express it. The human body is quite resilient, particularly if one takes good care of themselves.

For instance, she claims that she does not consume any alcoholic beverages, that she maintains a healthy diet, and that she does not consume any pre-prepared foods. If you understand how to train your intellect in addition to your endurance, then it is fairly simple to do everything that has to be done. Even runs of twelve hours pass by quite fast.

marina andresen peloton INSTRUCTOR

In addition, she describes the mental toughness strategies that she employs throughout marathons using the following words:

Naturally, this is dependent on the course, but especially when you’re doing a trail run, you spend the majority of your time trying to figure out where you are. You don’t have the luxury of excessive thought right now.

Aside from that, she said she makes an effort to talk to other individuals. During a fast marathon, the strategy is not going to work since you need the breath for yourself. She said: “and when things become difficult and I’m alone myself, I try to picture myself crossing the finish line and how I’ll feel after I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. That has been helpful for me”.

In addition to that, she participates in marathons and activities for fundraising by donning unique and often wacky clothing. She believes that it is a joyful method to attract attention, and she believed that it would be a great thing for her mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

marina andresen peloton INSTRUCTOR

Update: Marina Andresen has left the Peloton.

It is quite likely that a new record for the Peloton has just been established in the Peloton Germany squad. Since Marina made the announcement yesterday on her Instagram channel that she will be recording her final Peloton Tread course on December 4th, she has decided to bring an end to her Peloton career after only two months.

This came as a shock to a lot of people, especially considering how recently she had started working for the firm (the 30th of September washer first day). In the end, Marina made 43 different Tread classes available to its members via the site; however, all of these programs went directly to on-demand mode.

Neither Peloton nor Marina explained the move, which is typical for situations involving personnel shifts of this nature.

On the other hand, barely one week after announcing her leaving, Marina published a post in a public Facebook group for ultra-running that has since been deleted. In that passage, she appears to characterize her time spent working at Peloton as a miserable experience in the corporate world.

Although in the essay she refers to her experience as a “shitty corporate experience,” it is not made clear whether or not she resigned from Peloton voluntarily or was asked to leave the company.

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