Power Zone Pack Peloton: All You Need to Know About It

If you’ve taken a spin on the Peloton Power Zone rides a few times, you’ve likely come across the instructor talking about the Power Zone Pack or spotted the hashtag #PowerZonePack on the leaderboard. I’ve been proudly part of the Power Zone Pack for three years, and I can’t express how much I cherish it!

In this article, I’m excited to introduce you to the Power Zone Pack, explain how you can become a member, and provide you with all the essential details about this incredible Peloton community!

What Is PowerZonePack?

The Power Zone Pack emerged as a vibrant Peloton community back in 2017, dedicated exclusively to the art of Power Zone training.

This community sprouted from the enthusiasm of a handful of Power Zone devotees, and today it boasts a staggering membership of over 130,000 individuals!

Within this dynamic group, you’ll find engaging seasonal challenges. These events bring members together, forming teams that compete with a shared goal: to conquer rides as a united force and, ideally, boost their performance simultaneously!

How Did I Join Power Zone Pack?

I became a member of the Power Zone Pack thanks to my friend Drake, who introduced me to a summer challenge. Only a few months after getting my Peloton bike, I was grappling with the intricacies of regular spin classes.

As a dedicated hiker, I was unsure about how hard to push on the bike and how to make real progress. It felt like a mystery – what even constituted a worthwhile biking goal?

I’d often heard that biking was fantastic for cross-training, but I needed some structure. That’s when I discovered Power Zone training and the remarkable Power Zone Pack, fondly known as PZP.

After chatting with Drake, I decided to participate in a Power Zone Challenge. PZP orchestrates seasonal challenges that welcome all skill levels, and the best part – they’re completely free!

These challenges aim to complete the rides, without fretting over your output or leaderboard position. The real reward lies in enhancing your bike performance.

This sounded good to me so I signed up

The challenge offered a range of options, with choices between 3 and 5 rides per week. I decided to go with the 4-ride option because, along with the bonus point rides they throw in, my schedule was filling up fast.

To gear up for the challenge, I enrolled in a few power zone classes and then dove into an FTP test to get a ballpark figure of my zones. This way, I’d have custom zones tailored to my first challenge. However, what pleasantly surprised me during the classes was that even if I didn’t have my precise zones, the instructors were adept at helping me estimate them. (It’s worth noting that this approach isn’t as precise as an FTP test, but it’s a handy option if taking one isn’t feasible.)

Joining the Power Pack Zone is a breeze—all you have to do is add the hashtag to your profile! Once that’s done, you’re automatically part of the Power Zone Pack. There are additional opportunities to connect with fellow PZP members, such as joining the free Facebook group. (This is also where you can request songs for Matt’s weekly 60-90 minute endurance rides.)

Power Zone Pack Pricing

Becoming a member of the Power Zone Pack won’t cost you a dime, but if you want extra perks on the website, there’s a paid option available.

For just $8 per month, you can unlock the full potential of the website. With this subscription, you gain access to the extensive library, get to view your results through handy zone graphs, and keep track of your FTP test progress.

The best part? There are no binding monthly contracts. You’re in control, and you can cancel your subscription whenever you please.

I’ve personally been a paying member for a few months now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for me. One of my favorite features is the ability to filter classes. It makes finding the perfect ride for my training schedule a breeze, especially with the option to filter by TSS.

Importance of Power Zone Pack

Being a part of the Power Zone Pack has its perks, and I truly enjoy my membership because of the incredible community support.

While I often struggle to catch live rides, I find solace in the fact that during challenges, I can hop on my bike at any time and join an on-demand class with thousands of fellow members. It’s truly an amazing experience!

Moreover, I’ve discovered that the members of the Power Zone Pack are exceptionally encouraging. The virtual high fives I receive during rides boost my motivation.

What’s more, I’ve witnessed a significant improvement in my performance. Except for the time when I resumed training after having my baby, my output has consistently increased after every challenge. This, in turn, raises my zones for the next ride, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress.

Power Zone Pack Also Offers A Paid Membership: Our Honest Opinion

PZP’s website offers an additional feature for paid members. It’s important to note that you don’t require this feature to take part in challenges – challenges remain free for all participants! However, it proves to be a valuable tool for your training needs.

Here are some of the standout features it offers:

Power Zone Library

The PZP website boasts an extensive library with every Power Zone ride uploaded, offering a convenient filtering feature. Unlike the bike itself, here you can filter your rides based on various criteria, including zones, ride types (such as Endurance, Max, or regular Power Zone), and even sort them by TSS, which indicates class difficulty.

For me, the ability to sort by TSS has proven to be a game-changer, especially when coordinating my training schedule. I can easily select a class with a lower TSS on weeks when my running mileage is high, or opt for a higher TSS when I’m looking for a more intensive cross-training session. This flexibility has been incredibly helpful in planning my workouts effectively.


Once you finish a ride, you have the option to sync it with your PZP account. This nifty feature provides you with a graph, allowing you to visualize how your ride performance matches up with the instructor’s cues. It’s worth noting that these graphs are frequently shared in the Facebook groups dedicated to the challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants.

New Zones & More FTP Test Strategies

FTP Tracking

PZP offers an FTP test graph, making it effortless for you to track your progress as you complete FTP tests. This visual representation serves as a handy tool for monitoring your performance over time.

PowerZonePack is Taking Over Peloton… But Why

How to Create A Custom Training Plan

Currently, my training is geared towards preparing for a marathon. While my primary focus is on running, I continue to incorporate my Peloton bike and Power Zone training into my routine, typically dedicating 2-4 sessions per week for cross-training purposes. To manage this balancing act effectively, I’ve discovered that PZP’s class library is a godsend.

PZP hosts the complete Peloton Power Zone class library on their platform, meticulously analyzing each and every ride. The depth of their coverage is truly impressive, and it has proven invaluable in helping me create a well-structured training schedule.

Every ride receives a Training Stress Score (TSS), which acts as a gauge of workout intensity. The higher the TSS, the more challenging the workout.

I’ve come to rely on PZP’s library to discover rides that align with my TSS requirements for the week. For instance, if I’m anticipating a high-mileage running week, I prefer to keep my cross-training sessions more manageable and filter for lower TSS rides. However, when I need an extra push, I opt for higher TSS rides.

The TSS feature on PZP’s site has truly justified my membership. In the past, I attempted to utilize Peloton’s user rating system, but I found it to be inconsistent and time-consuming, having to sift through every class manually. With the PZP library, I’ve saved valuable time, and a few clicks of filters lead me to the perfect ride effortlessly. It’s been a game-changer for my training routine.


If you’re in search of an incredible and encouraging community, I wholeheartedly suggest taking a look at Power Zone Pack!

Membership in this group is entirely free, but they also offer a premium option that grants you access to some fantastic additional features. These include line graphs, the Power Zone class library with advanced filtering capabilities, and the ability to track your FTP tests and output. It’s a valuable upgrade for those looking to enhance their experience.

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