New Challenge: Beyonce Source Your Power

On October 22, Peloton introduced a brand new flash challenge that they are calling “Source Your Power.” Members are encouraged to participate in at least six of the Beyoncé artist program classes offered between October 22 and October 29 as part of the weekly challenge.

You may sign up for and choose to participate in the challenge using the website, the touchscreen on your Bike or Tread, or the app. Cycling, jogging, boot camp, weight training, yoga, or meditation are some of the options available to you during these six courses to help you find your inner power and earn your challenge badge.

Peloton New Challenge Beyonce Source Your Power

Classes were held outside and featured activities such as cycling, jogging, boot camp, yoga, strength training, meditation, stretching, and outdoor material. The classes were in three different languages.

November 2020 saw the introduction of the first Beyoncé artist series, which also marked the beginning of a multiyear cooperation between the two parties. It would seem that beginning in either 2021 or 2020, Members will be able to earn their flash challenge badge by participating in Beyoncé Artist Series sessions. Simply go to the “Source Your Power” Collection, and you will discover links to all of the available courses.

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