Olivia Amato Husband: Details of Daniel Waldron’s Ireland Wedding

Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron embarked on separate personal journeys before serendipitously finding love. Olivia, a self-proclaimed true New Yorker who had never strayed from the city, initially pursued a career in sales and trading on Wall Street. However, she quickly realized that this path did not align with her true calling. With determination, Olivia transitioned into the world of fitness and became an esteemed member of the Peloton team. Her expertise and passion for fitness made her a beloved instructor for millions worldwide, empowering and inspiring them each day.

The talented Sarah Falugo was the photographer who toke all the wedding photos in this blog post. Here is her site to check more of her fantastic work.

On the other hand, Daniel, Olivia Amato Husband, an Engineering major hailing from Galway, Ireland, sought a change in his life and set his sights on the bustling streets of New York City. His professional journey commenced as the manager of the renowned nightclub Marquee, a role that provided him with valuable experience. Building on his entrepreneurial spirit, Olivia Amato Husband ventured into the realm of bespoke suit craftsmanship and established his own company called Alexander Nash. However, his path eventually led him to Wall Street, where he currently thrives in the field of finance.

In the bustling metropolis of New York, fate brought Olivia and Daniel together. Their first encounter occurred in 2015, orchestrated by mutual friends. However, their connection was limited due to their involvement in other relationships at the time. Throughout that year, chance encounters at weddings and social gatherings continued to cross their paths, but their encounters seemed inconsequential. The years passed, and circumstances changed. Both Olivia and Daniel found themselves single, leading them to reconnect and arrange a meeting over drinks, ultimately sparking a love story that would endure.

Olivia Amato Husband

Their love blossomed, and in January 2021 the couple took the next step and got engaged. Olivia appreciated the intimate nature of Daniel’s proposal in their local area; knowing Olivia’s affection for Tobi (their dog), Daniel made sure Tobi played an integral part by attaching the ring to Tobi’s collar during their special momentous moment – it truly made for an amazing surprise moment! Olivia shared with Daniel later on how much he had been charmed by Olivia’s infectious smile, generous heart, and ability to revel in life’s pleasures – with Tobi playing an integral part in winning Daniel over.

Olivia and Daniel considered two destinations when choosing their wedding destination; Ireland where Daniel’s family resided or Italy which held some of Olivia’s ancestral ties. Adare Manor in Ireland provided them with further confirmation, as they immediately felt drawn to its magical atmosphere and welcoming staff made them feel at home. Olivia described it as her haven where guests felt truly appreciated and welcome. The venue’s exquisite architecture and longstanding history added an air of mystery that transcended photographs alone. Drawing upon their Irish and New York City backgrounds for inspiration, Olivia Buckley International executed their vision flawlessly: soft color palettes, lush floral arrangements and sleek metallic accents were used as elements that paid homage to both of their respective histories.

Olivia and Daniel carefully organized an unforgettable weekend experience for their 200 guests, comprising close friends, family members and even Peloton instructors. Recognizing the diversity among their attendees, Olivia and Daniel prioritized providing entertainment and enjoyment throughout their event – creating lasting memories with those they cared about most was important for them and they showed it with their dedication in crafting unforgettable experiences for loved ones who came.

Olivia Amato Husband

At 1826 Adare, an idyllic restaurant housed within an Irish thatch cottage, festivities started off with a rehearsal dinner filled with lively music from a local band and welcome drinks at Aunty Lena’s Irish Pub where Guinness beer flowed freely.

Throughout the wedding celebrations, Olivia Amato Husband proudly donned his own brand, Alexander Nash, for every event. Meanwhile, Olivia carefully selected her outfits with the assistance of stylist Julianne Costigan. Ensuring that her attire perfectly captured her personality and style, Olivia aimed to maintain a sense of authenticity and self-expression.

On Daniel and Olivia’s wedding day, as Daniel and his groomsmen prepared for festivities at Adare Manor, they engaged in some lighthearted fun around the property. Olivia Amato Husband exuded elegance in his custom midnight blue velvet blazer with a shawl collar from Alexander Nash and black tuxedo pants from Alexander Nash; Olivia took a more leisurely approach as she indulged in some pampering moments by donning a custom Brittany Allen slip and feather robe as she went through her bridal glam routine; her desired result striking an ideal balance between natural glow and elevated touch to reflect significance of day’s significance; Olivia collaborated with makeup artist who recommended products before conducting trial sessions to achieve perfection resulting in flawless results.

Olivia Amato Husband

Olivia sought an unforgettable wedding gown, so she collaborated closely with designer Mark Ingram. Influenced by Zendaya’s 2019 Emmy Awards dress, Olivia used elements from its bodice while still remaining true to herself and reflecting her style. Olivia completed her captivating ensemble with custom cape by Mark Ingram and Toni Federici veil for ceremony; Atelier Versace shoes as well as family heirlooms completed the look.

While Olivia decided not to have a first look with Daniel, she did arrange a special moment with her bridesmaids, consisting of seven bridesmaids and three maids of honor. Each bridesmaid had the freedom to select her own ivory dress, fostering both comfort and beauty.

Escorted by her father, Olivia gracefully walked down the aisle during the ceremony. The church exuded an air of simplicity and classic elegance, with touches of off-white to infuse warmth into the atmosphere. Magnificent floral urns adorned the entrance, forming an arch that welcomed Olivia’s entrance on an ivory carpet. Along the altar, floral urns acted as a stunning backdrop, while a symphony of candles added an intimate touch.

Olivia Amato Husband

Olivia vividly remembers the precious moment when Daniel’s eyes met hers at the end of the aisle, cherishing the decision they had made to experience that instant together. The ceremony carried an indescribable significance, symbolizing their lifelong commitment to one another.

Following their heartfelt vows, the newlyweds embarked on a celebratory ride in a vintage white Alpha Romeo convertible, accompanied by Olivia’s bouquet of white roses. Arriving at Adare Manor, they reveled in the splendor of the estate, capturing enchanting portraits with their photographer, Sarah Falugo.

To transition into the reception, Olivia removed her custom cape, adding an Ines di Santo bow to the back of her Mark Ingram gown. Additionally, she adorned herself with Garo Sparo gloves, which added a touch of chic elegance. The ballroom, adorned with opulent florals and sleek metallic accents, exuded a romantic and contemporary ambiance. Towering floral arrangements framed the long banquet tables, complemented by a fusion of white and cream blooms set amidst lush greenery. Brushed gold mirror tabletops and mirror plinths added a luxurious flair to the decor.

Daniel Waldron

Before the guests entered the ballroom, Olivia and Daniel savored a private moment together. Alone in the transformed space, they absorbed the sight of their vision brought to life, serenaded by a song performed by the band. The couple’s eyes drank in every detail, immersing themselves in the beauty of the surroundings.

As the reception commenced, guests flocked to the dance floor, reveling in the joyous atmosphere before the dinner service. The couple ensured a blend of Irish and American culture in the festivities, aiming to entertain and engage their diverse group of friends and family. Olivia embraced a more relaxed hairstyle for the reception, letting her hair down—both figuratively and literally. The versatility of her hairstyle allowed her to enjoy different looks throughout the day.

Once guests were seated, they indulged in a delectable menu that celebrated the flavors of Irish cuisine. The main course options showcased the renowned Irish beef and halibut, providing a taste of the country’s culinary excellence. To complement the cuisine, a Gin & Tonic Sorbet, featuring a locally distilled gin called Method & Madness Gin, delighted guests’ palates.

The reception continued with The Event Band, a seven-piece ensemble featuring vocalists, percussion, electric guitar, DJ, and saxophone. They regaled the guests with a medley of crowd-pleasing classics and power ballads, ensuring a vibrant dance floor until the stroke of midnight. Olivia and Daniel graced the floor for their first dance to Justin Bieber’s “Anyone,” followed by a heartwarming father-daughter dance to Billy Joel’s “Lullaby.”

Daniel Waldron

As the festivities got underway, Olivia changed into a stunning Berta minidress, radiating sparkle and radiance while dancing through the evening. Complementing her look was a purse bearing her newly acquired initial. Laura Zimmerman joined Laura to enhance the atmosphere further; with her LED electric violin adding modernity into classical instruments while complementing DJ beats perfectly and an enthralling light show.

Olivia made sure that the celebration didn’t stop with the reception; for the after-party she donned a custom Clio Peppiatt dress featuring intricate embroidery of Adare Manor as a playful nod to its location. Kate Schaefer designed custom rhinestone Pumas completed her look.

On the following day, guests continued the celebrations with another longstanding Waldron tradition–a post-wedding scavenger hunt. Daniel’s father spent all year planning this event; creating an elaborate treasure hunt complete with questions and clues hidden around Adare Manor grounds. With guest assistance provided via bike riding from Peloton instructors navigating this treasure hunt competition; finally culminating with brunch at Adare Manor carriage house followed by “sing songs” held at local pubs to commemorate Irish tradition.

Olivia and Daniel will begin their life as husband and wife together by planning to travel to Bali for their honeymoon the following year; an eventful experience which promises to strengthen their love while exploring exciting new horizons together.


CEREMONY VENUE Holy Trinity Abbey Church


PLANNER Olivia Buckley International 

STYLIST Julianne Costigan


HAIR Dylan Bradshaw

MAKEUP Tara Makeup

GROOM SUITING Alexander Nash



FLORAL DESIGN The French Touch Florist

INVITATIONS Appleberry Atelier




CATERING Adare Manor

VIDEOGRAPHY Dreamcatcher Productions


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