Peloton 2022 holiday commercials & Christmas campaign: “the peloton effect”

Peloton announced their 2022 holiday campaign and Christmas commercials called “The Peloton Effect”.

Today Peloton launched their 2022 holiday campaign, “The Peloton Effect.” The campaign was produced in partnership with Mother LA. It shows how the motivation offered by Peloton’s world class content and Instructors stays with you long after your workout ends. This motivates you to keep moving forward in your life towards your goals, no matter what the season brings.

The 30-second advertisement is available in two versions. The main spot airs in the United States and Canada. It features instructors Robin Arzon, Alex Toussaint and others. A secondary version will also air in Australia and the United States. It features Jon Hosking, Hannah Frankson, and other instructors.

The main spot features a couple who are in the middle of Peloton workouts, one on the Peloton Bike, one on a Treadmill. They realize that family is coming to celebrate the holidays. The couple is then seen tackling a long to-do list, with Alex and Robin’s words echoing in their heads, encouraging them to finish the task. The ad can be viewed via YouTube. You can watch the second spot with Jon and Hannah via the same YouTube as well.

Big Shaq’s “Mans Not Hot” is the song featured in the 2022 Peloton Holiday Commercial. Listen to the Original song/video available here.

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Additional information about the campaign’s vision can be found in the press release:

“We wanted to capture and record the unique impact that our Instructors’ words have on our Members both in class and outside of class,” Bryant Brennan, Peloton’s Global Creative Vice President. “We know that our Instructors’ words motivate and inspire, and we have heard many stories from Members who apply the lessons they learn in class to their daily lives. It’s one thing that makes the connection between Peloton Instructors and Members so special. Peloton’s 2022 holiday campaign shows how motivation can be found wherever and whenever you need. .”

This campaign was created in partnership by Mother LA, an agency Peloton worked with previously.

Robin Arzon and Hannah Frankson, Jon Hosking and Alex Toussaint shared on social media their visit to Los Angeles two months ago. We predicted that they would be shooting a holiday campaign on the basis of this timing.

Peloton has traditionally released holiday apparel around this time. We’ll share more details about the 2022 collection when they are available.

Peloton 2021 campaign was entitled: “When Your Workout is a Joy, It’s a Joy To Work Out.” It featured actor Brett Gelman. Peloton’s 2020 ad campaign highlighted members’ stories and emphasized why they choose to train with Peloton.

Peloton’s holiday ads have caused controversy in the past, particularly their 2019 holiday commercial which was criticised for being sexisted and dystopian.

The press release contains more information about Peloton’s 2022 campaign. What do you think about the new ads?

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