Peloton Adds Musically Themed Power Zone Classes

Starting from November 16th, Peloton has exciting plans to introduce a fresh lineup of power zone classes inspired by music. Matt Wilpers, one of the esteemed Peloton instructors, recently took to Instagram to share a teaser, creating a buzz of anticipation among the community. Stay tuned for these musically-themed power zone classes that are sure to add a new level of energy and excitement to your workouts!

Peloton Adds Musically Themed Power Zone Classes

Peloton has just unveiled the details of the initial two power zone music classes:

  • 11/16 – Olivia Amato – 30 minute Power Zone Classic Rock Ride – 6:00am ET
  • 11/18 – Matt Wilpers – 45 minute Power Zone Hip Hop Ride – 6:00am ET

While Peloton is no stranger to musically themed classes, with a diverse range of options like 80’s rides, Pop rides, Country rides, Hip Hop rides, and more available in their on-demand library, what’s exciting today is the introduction of these themes specifically in Peloton Power Zone classes. This development opens up the possibility of future featured artist series Power Zone rides, adding even more variety and excitement to the Power Zone experience.

For those who may not find the music in Power Zone rides to their liking, there’s a great alternative to consider. Don’t forget to explore the free Power Zone Timer Tool & Library, accessible on your phone. This handy tool keeps you informed about zone changes during the ride. With this option, you have the freedom to mute the class audio and play your own favorite tunes, all while following the structure of the Power Zone class as directed! It’s a great way to personalize your workout experience while still benefiting from the Power Zone training method.

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