Power Zone Training – Post FTP-Test New Zone Struggles (Mental & Physical)

Oh dear, not again! He’s going to mention the FTP Test once more!

I’ve come across several conversations on this platform where PZP members share their experiences of taking a class with new zones after their FTP increased following a retest. It seems we encounter difficulties in maintaining these zones, leading to feelings of discouragement and thoughts of reducing our zones. Does this situation sound familiar? Let me explain why we should resist that temptation.


Our Peloton FTP Test served as a true reflection of our fitness level, and the resulting score cannot be artificially inflated. Like I’ve mentioned previously, “YOU CAN’T FAKE STRONG!” The zones derived from our FTP are scientifically and mathematically accurate for each of us, regardless of the specific numbers. Our instructors are well aware of this fact and design the rides to optimize the use of these zones. It’s not uncommon for us to struggle with the new zones; the increased intensity can make us question our ability to keep up, leading to thoughts like, “What was I thinking? I won’t make it!”

But you know what? Even the pros go through the same experiences.

How many of us have felt those moments of doubt, persevered, and successfully completed the ride? It feels absolutely amazing, doesn’t it? I encourage you to share your personal stories of conquering these challenges in the comments section! By supporting our fellow members who are currently facing or will soon face the increased demands, we, as the PZ family, contribute to each other’s well-being. We understand the struggle, and we know the pride that comes with triumphing over these obstacles!


The overwhelming fear and panic that can consume us when we encounter a challenge larger than expected can render us immobile. Despite having the physical capability to complete each PZ workout prescribed by our FTP, doubts can still plague us. Our lives are filled with responsibilities such as work, children, and caring for sick friends or family members. Perhaps we are also dealing with illness or recovering from an injury, which can drain our energy. It’s no wonder we may find ourselves questioning our abilities.

It’s important to remember that not every workout will be a breeze. When we think about the incredible feeling of empowerment that comes from conquering new zones or rides, how would we feel if we gave up? In my opinion, it’s better to take a day off or engage in a less intense non-PZ ride to recharge and regain our energy. Peloton Power Zone training goes beyond just physical enhancement! How often do the instructors emphasize the importance of our mental state rather than solely focusing on our leg strength? For me, the greatest lesson in all of this is learning to confront adversity by acknowledging and facing my own weaknesses. When I overcome a challenging ride, I emerge stronger than before. I know all of you can relate to this! Please share your personal experiences in the comments section!

I am grateful for the supportive community that enables me to embark on this journey: the true “POWER” of PZ training.

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