In the Zone and Train Smart Collection Update and New Challenge

The “In The Zone” challenge is a new competition hosted by Peloton that is intended to encourage users to participate in power zone riding sessions. The objective is to complete eight rides in the power zone during the following two weeks, which will take place between October 26 and November 8. On the Peloton website, you will find a sign-up form for the newest challenge.

In addition to that, the new “Train Smart” series, which can be accessed on both the tablet of the bike and iOS app, has undergone yet another upgrade. Before that, it included a schedule of strength training sessions, as well as it included a variety of meditation programs. Now available, new Train Smart series are including several power zone courses that have been advised to participate in throughout the challenge by Matt Wilpers, Olivia Amato, Denis Morton as well as Christine D’Ercole. Keep in mind that you are free to enroll in any of those power zone class in order to fulfill the criteria of the challenge.

Train Smart Power Zone collectıon – list of workouts and classes

In the Zone and Train Smart Collection Update and New Challenge

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