Peloton’s Becs Gentry Welcomed Her Baby on October 22

Becs Gentry, a Peloton teacher who specializes in tread and strength training, and her boyfriend, Austin Curtis, recently became parents for the first time. On October 22nd, a daughter was born to them and they called her Tallulah Midgley Curtis. The joyful information was posted on social media by a fitness trainer based in London, along with an endearing photo of baby Tallulah beaming while wearing a patterned onesie. In May, Gentry broke the news to her students that she was expecting a child while she was instructing a live tread lesson.

She also disclosed that she had a difficult time conceiving a child and said to other people who were experiencing the same difficulties, “I feel you.” They have overcome their challenges and arrived here.

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She also captured her excitement and conflicting sentiments with the following words: This small person arrived into our world precisely three weeks earlier than expected. Someone was ready to see the world on her terms and see as much as she could. Our hearts are overflowing with more love because of her than either Austin or I could have ever imagined, and the idea that this love will just continue to grow greater is both thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. Being a new parent is terrifying, but it is also the most physically taxing and mentally rewarding experience I have ever had the good fortune to have.

In the comments section of the post on Instagram, several of Gentry’s fellow Peloton instructors, including Anna Greenberg, who is herself a new mother, sent their congratulations to the new mother.

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