Peloton Community Challenge for 2021

Peloton is offering another flash competition this time. But this one is different in a unique way. In the new Community Challenge of 2021, the awards will not be determined by how far you have progressed. Instead, they will be determined by the total number of hours that the Peloton community as a whole spends exercising.

Your total exercise time will be tracked for the Community Challenge, regardless of the kind of workout you do or the equipment you use. The challenge will be open from the 23rd of July to the 8th of August. It does not matter if you have the Bike or Tread, or Peloton Digital app installed on your device. The peloton will automatically tally the number of minutes & hours you put in throughout every exercise you do on the platform toward the entire community objective.

Peloton Community Challenge for 2021

How does it work?

At the moment, there are a total of three separate benchmarks to be accomplished. One will take 1.5 million hours, another will last for 2 million hrs, and the third will last for 2.5 million hrs.

Your participation in the workouts will not only contribute toward Community Challenge, but they will also aid your progress toward your objectives in the Annual challenge for the 2021 year. You can use the Annual calculator that you can use if you wish to determine how many min/days you should spend working out until the end of year.

Peloton Community Challenge for 2021
Image of the Peloton Community Challenge 2021 badge

The 2020 Pelothon was taking place about this time last year; it was a program that lasted for four weeks and included a new set of obstacles each week.

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