Peloton Introduces New Interval Challenge Badge

The Peloton has returned with a new lightning-fast challenge for its members. This month, you may participate in the “Interval Training Flash Challenge.” During the period beginning on March 19 and ending on April 1, the goal is to participate in a total of six intensity training courses.

Peloton seems to have subsequently adjusted the code to only need six courses as was first indicated, even though there was some uncertainty around the number of classes required or the number of days expressed.

On the other hand, not everyone’s accounts have been updated to reflect this change. You may correct the issue and still get credit for your prior exercises by leaving the challenge and then rejoining it. After you have done that, the prior lessons that you have attended ought to be tallied appropriately.

Peloton Introduces New Interval Challenge Badge

What kinds of things qualify as Interval classes? HIIT, Intervals, Tabata, HIIT & Hills, Intervals & Arms, Prenatal HIIT, and so on are some examples of these kinds of workouts. It will take into account rides, runs, and even runs outside. However, unlike some of the other flash challenges, it seems that in order to complete this one, courses need to be attended on more than one day.

The workouts may be completed on a Peloton Bike, Tread, or any Peloton Digital platform such as iOS, Android, FireTV, Roku, or Apple TV, and they will all count toward this challenge. On the other hand, you will need to register for the competition on Peloton’s website.

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