Peloton Introduced New Fall Bootcamp Challenge & HIIT Format

Andy Speer from Peloton was the one who first presented the “HIIT Bootcamps” format for the Tread Bootcamps. In particular, Peloton is introducing a brand new flash challenge that is available for use in Bootcamp programs. Instagram was the platform that Andy used to disseminate information on the HIIT Tread Bootcamps.

The acronym “HIIT” refers to “high-intensity interval training,” and Andy’s brand new Tread Bootcamp style will include a total of six HIIT segments. They were split up such that three people were on the treadmill and three were on the strength mat. Each session will be thirty minutes long, and it will be intended to serve as a stand-alone exercise for anyone who may be pressed for time. The playlist will only include songs that were successful at the time, in keeping with the “HIIT” motif.

Classes were held live every Monday at noon Eastern Time; the first session was broadcast on the following Monday, September 12th. To get the most out of your workouts, Andy suggests attending his Total Strength sessions on Sundays for sixty minutes each.

Peloton Introduced New Fall Bootcamp Challenge & HIIT Format

Peloton is releasing a new flash competition that they are calling the Fall Bootcamp Challenge in tandem with their newly revamped Bootcamp style. You may join the challenges and sign up for them using the website, the touchscreen on your bike or treadmill, or the app on your mobile device.

Members get access to all of the other types of classes that are offered at the boot camp, like boxing, cycling, floorwork, and treading. To refresh your memory, as part of the newly introduced Triple Threat Collection, Bike Bootcamp has just transitioned to primarily on-demand lessons. For every level of the challenge that is completed, there will be a corresponding badge accessible.

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