Peloton Offers Raise the Barre Challenge and Badge

Peloton is aware that a badge is the most effective kind of motivator. As a result, a new badge has been developed to encourage individuals to participate in the recently introduced Barre lessons. The new competition is going to be known as the “Raise the Barre” competition. Between the dates of September 28th and October 4th, the objective is to participate in any six barre courses at any moment throughout the seven days.

According to the release, this effective new discipline will take your low-impact exercises to the next level. You may exercise your whole body with only your body weight by doing motions that are quite tiny yet very active. Attend six classes of barre in one week.

Peloton Offers Raise the Barre Challenge and Badge
Raise The Barre Badge

It does not matter how you participate in the barre courses; all of them will count, whether you use Peloton Digital platforms, Bike or Tread, or another manner. At this time, there are ten different Barre courses that you may sign up for. They are categorized under “Strength” within the on-demand library, where you may discover them.

Simply keep in mind that you may participate in the challenge by using any Peloton device, the Peloton app, or the Peloton website.

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