Peloton Revive and Thrive Challenge is Out

The latest flash challenge that Peloton has is named “Revive and Thrive.” Within the following two weeks, from February 22nd through March 7th, the objective is to participate in seven separate sessions of yoga, stretching, or meditation.

This Flash Challenge would assist you in unwinding both physically and mentally so that you can return back even more powerful. Participate in a class of yoga, stretching, or/and meditation. No equipment is required.

Peloton Revive and Thrive Challenge is Out
Peloton has a new “Revive & Thrive” challenge for the next two weeks

This challenge is open to participants who are either owner of the Bike & Tread or users of one of Peloton Digital’s other platforms. You are free to choose from any combination of the three different kinds of classes, provided that you complete a total of seven of those classes within the allotted time frame of two weeks. However, in order to get the badge, you will first need to opt-in on Peloton’s website.

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