Peloton Shoes vs Altos cycling shoes: How to Choose?

There are relatively few cycling shoes available from Peloton, and they are all made specifically for Peloton cycles, which are indoor bikes. It is challenging to create a pair of shoes that is ideal for cycling, and it is much more difficult to create one that is acceptable for indoor riding since it requires considerably higher breathability owing to the absence of natural airflow.

These spin cycle shoes from Peloton were a long-awaited addition to their selection of cycling footwear. Nonetheless, the shoes are quite different in terms of both price and style. One shoe stands out from the others with just a quick look.

Features of New Peloton Altos Shoes:

Peloton has introduced new shoes after a long absence. They may have gathered consumer input over the years and developed the Altos cycling shoes to address all the potential problems with traditional cycling shoes.

By adopting breathable uppers with air vents and a slim design, they have solved problems like sweaty socks and a cumbersome feeling around the feet. For regular and narrow feet, the shoes fit like socks and run true to size.

Peloton Altos Shoes

Major Differences Between Peloton Shoes and Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes:

There are a few significant distinctions to take into account while deciding between Peloton and Peloton Altos cycling shoes.

1.      Price:

Cycling shoes made by Peloton are less costly than those made by Peloton Altos. Peloton Altos bicycle shoes normally cost approximately $145 while they average around $125.

2.      Design:

Peloton shoes offer a sleek, stylish appearance and a more conventional cycling shoe style. The Peloton Altos shoes offer a more relaxed style and a softer appearance. Cycling shoes from Peloton Altos are available in a range of colors, making them a fantastic choice for individuals looking to give their gear some individuality.

Peloton Altos cycling shoes may be used with bikes that are compatible with Delta cleats.

  • Comfort: Peloton shoes are designed to give the greatest amount of support and power transmission, which some riders may find unpleasant.
  • Longer rides are more comfortable thanks to the more flexible sole of Peloton Altos cycling shoes. Comparable bike shoes have a different top than this pair. It is flexible and easy to put on the foot rather than being hard and rigid.
  • To keep your feet comfortable during extended spinning sessions, the uppers are comprised of sturdy, breathable woven jacquard mesh that is paired with strategically placed airflow vents.
  • The form of the shoes maintains its firmness despite the flexible uppers and sock-like overall shoe fitting. The strong glass-filled nylon outsole is designed to assist you in effectively transmitting power to the pedals.

4.      Durability:

Peloton shoes are built to last because of their premium construction and resistance-testing features.

5.      Sizing for Peloton Altos shoes

In US sizes, the lowest and biggest shoe sizes offered by Peloton Altos are Women 5 and Males 15. They have also included half sizes to cover the whole size range.

Are Special Shoes Required For The Peloton
Peloton Original Shoes

Which Should You Select? Peloton Shoes vs Peloton Altos

Your demands and tastes will ultimately determine which cycling shoe you choose between Peloton and Peloton Altos. Choose Altos shoes if you wish to spend more money on the most recent and improved version of shoes as the brand promised.


Can I ride my bike outside with Peloton shoes?

Although Peloton shoes may be used for outdoor cycling, they are designed particularly for indoor usage and might not provide the flexibility and comfort required for outside rides.

Are Peloton bikes compatible with Peloton Altos cycling shoes?

Yes, Peloton Altos cycling shoes work with Peloton bicycles as well as a variety of other bicycles with Delta cleats.

Are Peloton shoes worth it?

While Peloton shoes are more costly than some other cycling shoe alternatives, they also provide the best support and power transmission since they are made exclusively for Peloton cycles.

Are Peloton shoes true to size?

Despite Peloton shoes and Peloton Altos cycling shoes fitting true to size, it’s always a good idea to consult the sizing chart before placing an order.

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