Peloton Up the Tempo Challenge and Badge

Peloton is providing users with another chance to test their abilities and win a new badge after the conclusion of the Raise the Barre flash challenge. The most recent Flash Challenge has been given the name “Up The Tempo.” Peloton users must attend six music, themed, or live DJ courses throughout 21 days to complete this goal. The time frame in question extends from October 12 to November 1.

The completion of this challenge will count toward credit for both live and on-demand courses. It should be pointed out that it expressly specifies “rides,” and until that is altered, it would seem that cycling is the only activity that counts toward the completion of the challenge.

How to find suitable classes for this challenge?

The library has been updated with new class filtering options thanks to Peloton. It has been updated to include a new music filter. The addition of these additional filters ought to make it less difficult to track exercises that are suitable for the competition.

On every Peloton platform, you must first choose cycling as the sport type before you can look for qualified courses. The next step is to activate the class filters and choose the “Class Type” option. From that point on, you will have the option to choose the particular class filter for “Live DJ,” “Music,” or “Theme.” Any of these courses should be counted as qualifying toward the “Up the Tempo” challenge provided they meet the requirements.

Peloton Up the Tempo Challenge and Badge

Additionally, it is irrelevant whether you participate in the class on a Peloton Bike or one of the many Peloton Digital platforms available to you. If you want to be sure that a class you’ve completed counts toward the goal, you also can check your status on the website.

Peloton Up the Tempo Challenge and Badge
Up The Tempo Badge

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