Peloton Weekend Ride Challenge

It has been over two months since the last time that members of Peloton could participate in a flash challenge. Peloton, though, is coming back with a speedy challenge that will only be held over the course of the forthcoming weekend.

If you participate in any two cycling classes between September 24 and September 26, you will be eligible to get a badge for the new “Ride the Weekend” challenge.

Peloton Weekend Ride Challenge

The following are the terms that they used to make the announcement:

The conclusion of the workweek does not mean that the arduous task must come to an end. This flash challenge is all about putting your game face on and killing it throughout the weekend. To finish the challenge and get your badge, you will need to complete two cycling sessions between September 24 and September 26.

You may join up and choose to participate in the challenge on this page, as well as via the touchpad or app on your Bike.

Peloton Weekend Ride Challenges
Image of the Ride the Weekend Flash Challenge badge.

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