Peloton Wife After One Year: CityRyde Interviews Monica Ruiz

A year has passed since the infamous “Peloton Wife” (Peloton Girl) commercial went viral, and now, on CityRyde, we have the privilege of an exclusive interview with the star of that ad campaign – Monica Ruiz. It’s her first interview in nearly a year! During our conversation, she shares insights about how she landed the job, the impact the commercial had on her life, her collaboration with Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, and her genuine affection for the Peloton she now owns.

Peloton Wife

The History of Peloton Wife

If you’ve been following Peloton for over a year, you surely recall “The Commercial” – the one that spread like wildfire and surprisingly stirred up considerable controversy. You know, the Christmas gift where a husband presented his wife with a Peloton. Back in December of 2019, it was inescapable, and everyone had something to say about it. Speculations arose – Did the husband even ask his wife if she wanted a Peloton? Was he subtly hinting at his desired image of her?

What’s intriguing is that for many, “Monica Ruiz” and “Peloton Girl” or “The Peloton Wife” became inseparable – she was more than just an actress playing a role. Despite the world’s eagerness to hear from the “Peloton Wife,” Monica chose to remain mostly silent, granting only one interview on The Today Show. But now, a year later, CityRyde finally sits down with Monica for an exclusive interview, offering us her perspective on the entire experience.

What was the Actress’s reaction to Her Peloton Wife character going viral?

According to Monica, she deliberately chose to stay away from the situation. She was occupied with taking her son to school, and during her bartending days, she knew a guy from a different place who messaged her on Facebook. Although she no longer has a Facebook account, at that time, he informed someone, perhaps “Good Morning America,” about her identity as the Peloton wife. Monica was taken aback, asking him why he disclosed that information. She had hoped the whole situation would fade away quickly – people would have a laugh for a day or two, and then it would be forgotten as new things came along. She decided to wait, thinking everyone would move on soon enough.

However, things didn’t progress as rapidly as she had anticipated. Her phone kept ringing incessantly, and her agent informed her about numerous interview requests from various people. She wondered what there was to discuss. She decided not to read the comments or what was being said about her to shield herself emotionally. Every time she opened her phone, it felt like an explosion of attention and comments. In contrast, when she avoided her phone, life seemed normal and serene. It was undoubtedly an unusual and challenging period for her.

Did the negatuve criticism of the Ad bother Ruiz?

Indeed, it did bother me because I felt excluded from the conversation. I chose not to participate as I respected that some individuals were genuinely affected by the whole situation. If someone perceived it differently and felt triggered, I didn’t want to dismiss their feelings. After all, I was just the actor in the commercial; I didn’t write the script. Moreover, there were numerous aspects left out of the ad due to its 30-second time constraint. Including a few extra lines or scenes might have provided better clarity and possibly averted this entire controversy, but who can say for sure?

The overwhelming attention I received seemed focused on figuring out which side I stood on. All I desired was to focus on my work, not solely be remembered for this single role. While many might have relished the opportunity to bask in the spotlight, I personally wasn’t prepared for it. I’ve been doing commercials for so long, and this unexpected turn of events left me uncertain about how to handle it at all.

What’s the Story Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin Ad?

Upon receiving inquiries, they reached out to my agent, who initially found the situation puzzling, and she too hoped it would eventually subside. However, she wasn’t a publicist or accustomed to handling such matters; she solely handled my commercial affairs. As a result, she advised me not to engage with anyone just yet and suggested we observe how things unfold before taking action.

When she informed me about the gin concept, she mentioned “Aviation Gin.” Due to a mishearing, I thought she said “Aviation gym,” leading me to wonder if it was a local commercial in Redondo Beach. It turned out I was mistaken, and she clarified that Aviation Gin was known for its humorous commercials. Despite her assumption that I knew about them, I confessed that I hadn’t heard of the brand.

Peloton Wife

Once I understood the gin idea, a sense of concern arose. I didn’t want to participate in anything that might be perceived as mocking Peloton or their commercial. I genuinely appreciated that everyone involved was kind, and I didn’t want to give the wrong impression or offend anyone. This internal struggle led me to go back and forth on my decision.

What did everyone ask you about Reynolds?

Upon my return home, the curious question from everyone was, “What did he smell like?” It surprised me just how many men and women were eager to know about his scent. I found myself taken aback, responding with a puzzled “What?”

How and when did Ruiz get her Peloton in real life?

In February, I finally acquired the Peloton bike. However, to accommodate this beautiful, expensive bike, I had to create space in our small, dreadful garage. Despite moving to a new place, we still had this tiny garage to deal with. The delivery guys, unfamiliar with me, asked my husband, who was outside during the delivery, if he knew about the bike. Amusingly, he replied that he didn’t, but his wife, who happened to be the one from the commercial, did. They were taken aback, surprised to be delivering the bike to the Peloton wife. We even took pictures together to commemorate the moment.

As Monica shares, she now rides the bike regularly and has her 200th ride celebration planned for Christine D’Ercole’s climb ride on Sunday afternoon (December 20, 2020), unless her toe is broken.

Has this whole Peloton Wife acting experience helped Ruiz’s career?

Considering how tumultuous 2020 has been, it’s challenging to make a definitive statement about the opportunities that came my way. Various offers did arise, but they were all somehow related to the commercial, proposing plays on that theme. Yet, none of those options appealed to me, and I declined them.

Then, something unexpected happened related to a show I had cherished since my high school days – “The Bold and the Beautiful.” One of the producers, whom I met at a holiday party, approached me with the idea of appearing on the show. The excitement was overwhelming, and without consulting my agent, I eagerly agreed. It was a moment of personal joy for me and my family, as my mom and sisters were thrilled about it.

Originally, I thought it would be a one-episode appearance, but to my surprise, it turned into a much longer commitment – around twenty episodes or so. The experience was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. In the show, I played the role of a doctor who had to deliver distressing news, which was both challenging and rewarding.

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