Bike Bootcamp Challenge and New Badge

Lately, regarding the bike boot camps, Peloton separated them into their own category and started offering live lessons in November 2020. Recent developments have shown us that Tunde Oyeneyin will also be conducting bike Bootcamp lessons as part of his professional repertoire.

Peloton is going to start a Bike Bootcamp Flash Challenge in December to encourage more individuals to participate in the company’s Bike Bootcamp programs. It will take place between the 6th and the 19th of December, and to get the unique badge, you will need to participate in a total of four Bike Bootcamp courses throughout that time frame.

Bike Bootcamp Challenge and New Badge

You will be able to participate in any of the Bike Bootcamp sessions that are offered by Robin Arzon, Jess Sims, Cody Rigsby, and so now Tunde Oyeneyin.

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