Peloton’s Cody Rigsby Opens Up About His Mental Health: ‘It’s a Very Long Journey’

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby learned how to prioritize mental healthcare and the role that financial security plays in mental well-being. He opens up about his journey to prioritizing mental health care.

The Peloton instructor, who is 35 years old, says that fitness has been a refuge for him. This is in honor of World Mental Health Day, which we will celebrate on October 10.

He says, “It’s one place where you can be absolutely present with your thoughts and your body.” It allows me to process information. Even though I don’t like running, I enjoy using the Peloton App to for a 20 minutes run. I have really taken to it – I also like hearing inspiring things from my colleagues. It’s a great place to connect with yourself.

Rigsby believes that a bad breakup from six years ago forced him to start therapy and meditation.

Former Dancing with the Stars contender also remembers being homeless growing up and how it contributed to his mental health struggles. That is why he partnered with credit Karma in order to highlight the connection between financial security and mental well-being.

Rigsby states that after experiencing low points, he became more aware of the effects money and financial security had upon him. It caused him a lot of anxiety.

He says, “So what I love most about this partnership? It’s the idea that financial health is important. If we don’t prioritize that aspect of our mental health, it will just become something that festers within our subconscious and causes a lot of sadness and anxiety. We have to take care of it so we can create a sense of safety for ourselves, and prioritize that aspect of our mental well-being.”

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