Peloton’s Latin and Hispanic Month Online Community Event

On September 29, in recognition of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, Peloton will be holding an online group event at the Peloton Studio. The following is a statement that they made:

Regardless of whether we’re aware of it or not, the things we have done in our lives and the traditions we come from are ingrained in who we are. Latinx and Hispanic cultures are more accurately described as a collection of distinct cultures, each of which is stunningly distinctive but simultaneously bearing a surprising number of striking parallels. The member of this community decided to work together and move ahead as a group is an action that has significant weight.

On September 29, from four to four thirty-five p.m. Eastern Time (ET), the virtual event will take place. Hannah Corbin and Mariana Fernández, who are both professors, will be present at the event.

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In order to participate in the free event, you will need to register for it in advance. After completing the registration process, you will be sent an email confirmation from Hopin that includes a link. Those individuals who are unable to physically attend the event will be able to see a recording of it. You will also have the opportunity to submit concerns in advance of the meeting by using the registration form.

All through the course of the year, Peloton will on occasion host these online gatherings of the community. In honor of Women’s History Month prior to this year, two of our professors, Camila Ramón & Charlotte Weidenbach, were invited to take part in a panel discussion titled “Power in Identity.” During the year 2021, teacher Rebecca Kennedy took part in a competition that focused on encouraging other participants on the leaderboard.

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