Turkey Burn 2022- New Challenge

Turkey Burn 2022, which is Peloton’s traditional Thanksgiving programming, the company has introduced a brand new flash challenge. They issued a general solicitation with the following words:

Participate in the journey to one of our most popular live courses of the year, Turkey Burn 2022, with a challenge that will test your ability to maintain consistency. The objective is to exercise for at least ten minutes every day for 31 days.

You may join up for the challenge and choose to participate using the website, the touchscreen on your bike or treadmill, or the app on your mobile device. Be sure to opt-in so that your performance may be recorded by checking the box.

Turkey Burn 2022- New Challenge

The challenge will begin on October 24 and for participants to get their badge, all they need to do is complete 10 minutes of Peloton content every day. This may be anything from cycling to jogging to meditation or any other activity.

Even though the challenge states that participants must attend 10 minutes of lessons every day for 31 days to complete it, the challenge itself is programmed in such a way that the badge is only awarded once the participant has completed 310 minutes of classes within the challenge time. There is no relevance to the days or times that those minutes were spent.

Peloton has several long-standing traditions, one of which is the “Turkey Burn ride,” which is held annually to commemorate the American holiday of Thanksgiving. The class was first taught annually by Robin Arzón, then a few years ago, Alex Toussaint started teaching it. The custom has developed over the last few years to also include “Heat it Up” workshops on the day after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday.

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