What is cricket? How is cricket played?

Cricket is a team sport that was known at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. It is now one of the national sports in Great Britain. However, it is not the only country that has been heavily involved in the development of cricket in the world. This discipline is very popular among fans of India, Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and African countries. What is cricket and how to play cricket? You will find out in this article.

Cricket ground

I will start the analysis of the meeting in this sport discipline by presenting how to play cricket on a specially prepared pitch. The playing field is covered with grass and resembles an elliptical shape. Its diameter is not specified, but according to the rules, it should be between 137 and 150 meters. In the middle, as in baseball, is the central part of the field. It is a rectangle measuring 3.05 x 20.12 m. It is usually covered with clay with short-cut grass. The official name in English is “pitch.” Goals with three uprights and two crossbars are embedded at either end of the lane.

What is cricket? How is cricket played?


Cricket is played by two teams of 11 players. They have assigned tasks on the pitch and are divided into:

  • casters,
  • reflectors,
  • catching.

During the throw, the defending players are tasked with catching the ball hit by the “batsman.” The catcher, who is in a position directly behind the batsman, also plays a large role. He intercepts the pitcher’s balls. The other players scatter around the field to catch the bouncing balls more easily. Each batsman uses a special flat stick measuring 96.5 x 10.8 centimeters. It is made of cork and is usually covered with white leather.

Cricket is not a very popular sport in our country, but there will certainly be fans of this sport.

What is cricket? – Course of the meeting

How to play cricket We will describe the gameplay in this paragraph. Cricket matches are divided into one-day, multi-day, or multi-day matches. Each duel can last from 3 to 6 hours. Most tournaments are held in the Twenty20 formula. The rules of the newly introduced form of cricket were accepted in England in 2003. This was due to the desire to revive the game, which was to become more attractive to viewers. Teams play twenty “overs” according to the regulations. Each consists of six consecutive throws made by the same bowler. In the event of an illegal shot that is called by the referee, the shot is retaken, but the batting team automatically scores an extra run. During the match, both teams switch sides – sometimes, they are in the attacking position, and sometimes they have to defend. The bowler, i.e., the thrower, tries to put the ball as close as possible to the catcher so that he has the easiest way to catch it.

What is cricket? How is cricket played?

At the same time, the batsman does his best to hit it with the flat surface of the stick. All types of reflections have their own special names. The Batmen start tapping in the order ordered by the coach before the game. They score points when the ball is kicked over the boundary line of the field of play and does not touch the ground or touch it. Most often, the weakest bowlers are exposed to the last changes. How to play cricket for a rune? This is done in several ways and can only be done if the team is in an attacking position. To score a rune, the batsman must hit the ball to the opposite end of the pitch. At the same time, a non-batsman from the team runs in the opposite direction. The referees score a run if both contestants touch the ground behind the line.

Player Out Rules

In cricket, there is such a thing as eliminating a player from clearing the ball. You can do this in several ways, which are:

  • Catching an outstanding ball in the air by the defending team. Please note that it cannot touch the ground,
  • A batsman going out of line to hit the ball,
  • kicking the ball with the foot by the batsman,
  • Hitting by a batsman on any part of the goal while attempting to make a return.

Batsmen may also commit a fault if they hit the ball twice with their bat or touch the ball thrown by the pitcher with their hands. When all players are put out, the sides change. An interesting fact in cricket is the fact that the best throwers can send balls toward the catcher at speeds up to 170 km / h.

T20 cricket

T20 cricket, first introduced in England in 2003 and since gaining global popularity, involves two teams playing up to twenty overs (120 deliveries) each during an innings.

T20 cricket is known for its fast-paced and exciting style of play, with teams competing against one another to score as many runs within a limited number of overs. Often this type of cricket sees big hitting, aggressive fielding, and innovative strategies employed by both sides in order to outwit each other and gain an advantage in play.

T20 cricket has had an immense influence on the wider sport of cricket, with traditional nations adopting this format in order to attract new audiences and generate additional revenue streams. One such league is India Premier League (IPL), boasting some of the greatest T20 players from across the world who attract huge audiences while making fortunes for franchise owners.


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