Who Is Damien Joly

Damien Joly is a competitive swimmer from France who participated in various world-cup events. In 2012, he joined the 2012 Summer Olympics although finished in the 14th position, failing to qualify for the final of the 1,500-meter freestyle category.

Early Life

Joly was born on the 4th day of September 1992. Now, he’s a competitive swimmer who focuses on freestyle swimming and is even considered one of the France leaders in distance events. Joly hasn’t broken any France record but is most notable for his winning during the 2015 French Nationals event.

International Career

2012 London Olympics

In 2012, Joly participated in the 2012 London Olympics when he competed in the 1,500-meter freestyle. In the game, he finished 14th in his very first Olympics games, which wasn’t bad. Since then, Joly started to dominate various swimming distance events in his country.

2013 World Championships

A year later, he joined the 2013 World Championships held in Barcelone. He participated in the 800-meter freestyle event and reached the top 10 positions.

Who Is Damien Joly swimmer


Throughout the year, Joly competed in various championships that were mostly held nationally. During the French Nationals, he participated in the 1,500-meter and 800-meter freestyle, his specialities. At the 2013 Mate Nostrume Series, he successfully got the silver for finishing second place.

His first competition in 2012 was the Euro Meet held in Luxembourg when Joly entered the competition in the 400-meter freestyle. He successfully snatched the gold medal. Then, he also participated in the French Nationals and got silver in the 1,500-meter freestyle event.

2015 FINA World Championships

During the 2015 FINA World Championships held in Kazan, he participated in the 1,500-meter, 800 and 400-meter freestyle events and finished 10th, 11th, and 24th.

2016 Rio Olympics

In the 1,500-meter freestyle event final, he successfully finished 7th. He also helped his team in the 800-meter freestyle relay to reach the 13th position.

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