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Bobby Fink is another talented swimmer from America. He was born on 6 November 1999 and started his early years with lots of training to make him into the person today. His best winning was during the Summer Olympics 2020 when he won two golds in the 800 m and 1500 m freestyle events.

The ones closest to him would call him by the nickname, Bobby. Now, Finke is swimming for his team at the University of Florida. However, initially, he was trained by Coach Fred Lewis, which was part of Saint Petersburg Aquatics in Florida.

Early Success

He began his success as early as 14 years old. At that time, he already broke the record for the 800 m freestyle with the time recorded at 8:25.20. It was the Florida Age Group State Championships, better known as FLAGS.

But he didn’t stop there, he broke another record for the 1500 m freestyle category in 15:56.82, which was 15 seconds faster than the previous record. He also won the Open Water Junior Nationals when he competed with fellow collegiate athletes and pro swimmers.

During high school, he competed for his team at Countryside High School, which is located in Clearwater, Florida. At the same time, he also attended Saint Petersburg Aquatics. He was in the state championship when he was in college and was noted to be the number 1 swimmer in Florida at that time.

National & International Career

Finke started his professional career in the Orlando Arena Pro Swim Series in 2016 when he was qualified for the Olympics. During the Trials, he finished 10th in 15:46.39 for the 1500 m freestyle category. However, for the 400IM reaching, he won third place with a time of 4:23.66, which qualified him.

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A year later, he joined the trial for the event of National and World championships. And in this event, he successfully snatched a silver for the 1500 m freestyle category in 15:01.31. In the championship, he finished 21st in 15:15.15 for that category.


In 2018, he participated in the US National Championships when he gained the runner-up position for the 1500 m freestyle with a time of 14:55.34 and finished third for the 800 freestyle category in 7:51.45. Both were his personal bests.


He’s got a full schedule during the Pan Pacific Championships in 2018. After he qualified for the match held in Tokyo, he successfully finished third in the 1500 m freestyle category in 14:48.70. But, since the top two positions were held by the other fellow Americans, she didn’t win a medal.


A year later, he joined the Summer Nationals when he was just recovered from the wrist injury he had right after being qualified for the World University Games. During the event, he finished 3rd in the 400m freestyle category, while obtaining the titles for three different categories, 400 IM, 800m freestyle, and 1500 m freestyle, with each recorded in 4:13.15, 7:47.58, and 14:51.15.

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Finke also participated during the trials for the Olympics, where he, along with his team qualified for the match by winning 1st place in the 800m freestyle category. On the final night, he won once again for the 1500 m freestyle category with a time of 14:46.06.


On his very first Olympic final, he shook the event by winning the gold for the 800m freestyle. He won most of the races by 5th position and finally passed the other 4 competitors in the last 25 meters.in 26.3.

He did the same thing for the 1500 m freestyle category when he obtained another gold, which was also the first one for the USA since 1984. His time was recorded in 14:39.65.


During the trials, he qualified for the World Champion team by gaining the top position for the 1500 m freestyle category with a time of 14:45.72. Sometimes later, he won third place for the 400IM in 4:10.57.

He also won the 800m pretty easily with a time of 7:43.42.


He participated in the 800m freestyle for the first time in Budapest. He was qualified by finishing 6th. During this event, he did the same thing as he did in Tokyo where he was trying to stabilize his position during the first 750 m, then blast it off during the last 50 meters. He successfully passed the other 3 top swimmers and won the gold while setting another American record for 7:39.36.

During the World Championships, Finke also successfully set his personal best in 14:36.70, which broke the American Record previously held by Connor Jaeger.

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