Who Is Carson Foster

Carson Foster is a competitive swimmer who participates in multiple Championships for the US. He was both a gold and silver medalist at the World Junior Championships in 2017 and 2019. During the 2018 Junior Pan Pacific Championships, he represented the US.

Early Life

Their journey with Foster began when he was just 10 years old. At that time, he successfully broke the record for the National Age Group in the category of 50-yard butterfly with a time record of 29.91. It made him the youngest record-breaker at that time.

Foster continuously showed his capabilities by participating in various events, including the NCAA Championships when he, along with his teammates, got the very first team title. During the event, he finished second in the 400 IM category, fourth in the 200 IM category, and during the 200 backstroke event, he finished sixth. However, he also successfully got the National title for the 800 free relay category while representing Texas. 

National and International Career


During the event, Foster successfully finished in the third position for the 400 m IM category, while also breaking the record as the third fastest 13-14 years old boy swimmer. His time was recorded at 4:27.11, only .18 from breaking a new record for Ohio LSC.

Who Is Carson Foster swimmer


Carson Foster also participated in the World Junior Championships that were held in 2017. In the event, Foster successfully snatched the silver for the 4×200 meter free relay with a time of 1:48.12. He also got his individual silver by winning the second position in the 200-meter backstroke category with a time recorded in 1:57.87.


In 2018, he joined the Winter Jr National Championships 2018 with his team, The Mason Manta Rays. During the event, the team won the team title, which successfully defended their previously obtained title in 2017. The top three fastest swimmers on the team were Jake Foster, Adam Chaney, and also Carson Foster.

However, Carson also did his own part by winning various events, including the 200 m and 400 m medley, and also the 200 m and 800 m free relays. He continued his winning spree by obtaining a silver for the 400 m free relay, while successfully getting the titles for 200 & 400 m IM, plus the 200 m backstroke categories.


Still, within the same year, Carson participated in the Junior Pan Pacific Championships held in Fiji. At that time, he successfully scored multiple titles, including recording some best times of his entire career, especially the NAG records. 

On the first day, he got the second position after finishing in 1:48.57 for the 200 m free category, which was breaking the previous NAG record from 2013. He continued his record-breaking journey on the next day when he won first place in the 400 m IM category, after his brother, Jake. His time was recorded in 4:14.92, which was faster than the previous NAG record from 2001 by Michael Phelps.

In the 200 m backstroke category, which happened the next day, Foster got another gold with a time of 1:59.24. During the 200 m IM, he also finished first with a time recorded of 1:59.86.


In 2019, he also participated in the National Championships held in California. During the event, he successfully got the silver medal for the 400 m IM category with a time of 4:13.39. And due to his previous winnings and eligibility, he qualified for the World Junior Championships.

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In the event, Foster was chosen to be one of the 5 captains who represented Team USA. He’s already showing what he’s made of during the first day when he scored a new record in 3:15.80 for the 4×100 m free relay finals.

On the next day, he began his winning spree. During the 200 m free final event, he successfully recorded his personal best in 1:47.47. He also gained his personal best for the 200 m IM category in 1:58.46, which earned him his gold.

Another gold was obtained some times later during the 4×200 m free relay. By successfully breaking the new Junior World record, he also got the gold medal with a time of 7:08.37.

Foster still continued his best performance, even up until the final days. On the last day, he got the silver medal for the 200 m backstroke category, which was only behind his fellow American teammate, Wyatt Davis with a time recorded at 1:58.47


Foster also participated in the Short Course World Championships held in 2021. During the event, he successfully obtained gold, silver, and bronze, each for the 800 m free relay, 200 m IM, and also 400 m IM.


During the 2022 World Championships held in Budapest, he finally got his very first international record. With a time of 4:06.56 during the 400 m IM final, he strokes his personal best while also winning the second position.

And during the final 200 m IM, he also successfully snatched silver with a time of 1:55.71.

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