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Italia has been known for its talented competitive swimmers. Amongst them is Gabriele Detti, who just competed during the Summer Olympics held in 2020. He performed brilliantly on most of the championships he attended, collecting lots of gold medals in his journey.

Gabriele Detti (born 29 August 1994) is an Italian competitive swimmer, who was for a time the world champion of the 800 m freestyle. He competed at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Early Life

Gabriel Detti was born on August 29th 1994. He was the 800-meter freestyle world champion and competed in the Summer Olympics held in 2020. Detti began his career with a good start. With his sheer determination and strong will, he even got success as a junior swimmer. One of his notable events was during the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2009. In that very championship, he successfully finished 14th in the 1,500-meter freestyle event.

During his early days, Detti was already busy with his winning schedule. Two years later after the above event, he participated in the European Junior Championships where he got his three silvers in the 400-meter, 800-meter, and 1,500-meter freestyle events.

He continued his way to the World Junior Championships. And during this event, he successfully won the silver for the 800-meter freestyle and a bronze medal for the 1,500-meter freestyle. The second time he participated in the European Juniors, he finally got his golds. He snatched the two medals from the 400-meter and 1,500-meter freestyle events, and also the 800-meter freestyle relay.

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2012 European Championships

In 2012, he participated in the European Championships where he got into the finals for 800-meter freestyle and 400-meter freestyle. He finished 5th and 6th in the events.

2012 London Olympics

Just only a month before his birthday, he successfully finished 13th with the time record of 15:06.22 in the 1,500-meter freestyle of the 2012 London Olympics.

2014 European Championships

Two years later, he participated in the 2014 European Championships. During this event, he successfully broke the Italian record for the 800-meter freestyle while also obtaining his first senior International medal for both the 800-meter and 1,500-meter freestyle. He got the bronzes.

He almost got his bronze in the 400-meter freestyle, but unfortunately finished 4th.


In 2015, Detti was unable to join the World Championships due to a serious urinary tract infection. He was off for the year and joined the pool again the next year.

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2016 European Championships

After he recovered, Detti participated in the 2016 European Championships. During the qualification, he successfully finished as the third fastest swimmer in the 400-meter freestyle category with a time recorded in 3:43.97

On a cold night in London, he also got his medal for the 400-meter freestyle event. His time was recorded at 3:44.01, which was the new championship record.

2016 Rio Olympics

He also participated in Rio Olympics held back in 2016. During this event, he successfully snatched some bronze medals in the individual category. He got the first in the 400-meter freestyle event finishing at 3:44.01, and the second was during the 1,500-meter freestyle event which was held on the last day of the championship. He finished third with a time of 14:40.86, next after his Italian fellow, Greggorio Paltrinieri who won the gold medal. The second position was taken by Connor Jaeger from the USA.

2017 FINA World Championships

During the FINA World Championships held in 2017, Detti also got another bronze for the 400-meter freestyle event with a time recorded in 3:43.93, third to Sun Yang and Mack Horton.

Three days later, he got the gold medal for the 800-meter freestyle.

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2018 Short Course World Championships

Detti also participated in the 2018 Short Course World Championships where he won the bronze for the 400-meter freestyle with a time record of 3:37.64.

2019 FINA World Championships

A year later, he joined the 2019 FINA World Championships where he defended his bronze title in the 400-meter freestyle title. While doing so, he also set another record both for his personal and Italian records.

2021 European Championships (Budapest, Hungary)

During the event of 2021 European Championships held in Budapest, Hungary, Detti snatched a bronze medal for the 800-meter freestyle category with a time of 7:46.10. In the 400-meter freestyle, he finished 4th.

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