Who is Jordan Crooks

Jordan Crooks is a competitive gold medalist swimmer who’s fighting for the Caymanian Islands. His sheer determination shows that everyone has a chance to gain victory, no matter what their background is.

The island boy turned into a world champion when he got the gold medal for the FINA World Short Course Swimming Championships. During his long career, he was the holder of nine swimming records for Cayman Island.

Growing up As an Island Boy

Since a child, Crooks has been familiar with the sea and swimming activities. He loved swimming as a toddler and has a certain affinity for the ocean. His skills were sharpened when he was told about fishing and free diving before he actually got into the formal lessons and swimming competitions.

He said in an interview that he grew up in the ocean and started to learn about swimming when he was four. Seven years later, he started to compete with others in competitions, and when he was 16, he was getting more profound about the championships.

His growing love for swimming sport was further honed when he attended the University of Tennessee, the place where he showed his true potential to be a promising professional swimmer. He became the fastest freshman in history while breaking Dressel’s (7 times Olympic champion) mark that was recorded in 2015.

Who is Jordan Crooks swimmer

The First World Champion of Caymanian Islands

He made history at the Short Course World Swimming Championships that was held in Melbourne by winning the first position. And thus, he became the very first world champion in any sport in the Caymanian islands.

Responding to the event, he said he was blessed and grateful for his God, the coaches, his family, and everyone who was involved in his journey. During his interview with World Aquatics, he also mentioned how highly he respects his fellow competitors during the championships, regarding them as talented individuals.


2022 World Championships

During the 2022 World Championships, Crooks couldn’t get any medals in the event. He finished 19th in the 50-meter freestyle and 21st in the 100-meter freestyle. However, he successfully broke the national record for the 50-meter freestyle with a time record of 22.20.

Jordan Crooks swimmer

2022 Short Course World Championships

Now, this is when the world finally recognized his name. The 2022 Short Course World Championships was held in Melbourne, Australia. During the pre-eliminations and semi-finals, he finished on the top with a time record of 45.61 and 45.55m, which are now national records. During the final, his time record was 45.77, pushing him to the 7th position.

The same thing happened again during the 50-meter freestyle when he broke national records in the first 2 rounds. And during his final, he successfully put himself in the top position, only .03 ahead of Ben Proud, the defending champion.

The gold medal he got means a lot to him. It wasn’t only his very first medal of any color, but it’s the first medal in Caymanian Islands.

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