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Australia is gifted with so many talented swimmers; one of them is Kyle Chalmers. This skilful swimmer came from Australia and dominated the competition with lots of his winnings. Currently, he’s a world record keeper for the 100-meter freestyle, long course 4 x 100 meter, and 4 x 100-meter medley. He holds the record for both Australia and Oceania for 50-meter freestyle and butterfly.

He won the Oceanian title back in 2014 during the Oceania Swimming Championships. At that event, he successfully won the titles for 50-meter butterfly and 100-meter freestyle. He continued his winning journey in Rio de Janeiro, where he got the gold medal while also keeping a world junior record. During the Commonwealth Championship, he won another gold medal.

Early Life

Chalmers was born on 25th June 1998 in Port Lincoln, Australia. His father is Brett Chalmers, the former pro player in Australian rules football. During his teenage years, he studied at Immanual College, which is located in South Australia.

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The Commonwealth Games

Before actually talking about his winning spree, Kyle Chalmers was catching the world’s attention during the Commonwealth Games when he made the “shush” gesture to the media. This is his response to the false headlines that state his relationship with his fellow Australian teammates, which could ruin his career.

During the event, he successfully won some medals. However, this sparked mixed emotions for Chalmers himself, who at that time was troubled by the ongoing issues. He stated that it feels special to win, but with everything going on around him, it’s difficult to enjoy the moment.

He thought to himself that winning is the only way to prove the media wrong. And when he did, he showed a response that was aimed directly at the media. A satisfying win.


2014 Oceania Championships

2014 and 2015 were his early years of medal-winning. Beginning at the 2014 Oceania Championships when he successfully won the gold medal for the 50-meter butterfly. The event happened in Auckland, New Zealand.

Chalmers won another gold medal for the 100-meter freestyle while also obtaining the Oceanian title for that. During the relay event, he snatched another gold medal for 4 x 50-meter mixed freestyle, silver for 4 x 100-meter freestyle, and an additional gold medal for 4 x 100-meter mixed freestyle.

2015 World Junior Championships

Moving on to the next year, Chalmers also did his job splendidly during the 2015 World Junior Championships. The event that was held in Singapore led him to seven medals, dominated by gold and silver. In all seven events, he successfully got seven medals.

On day one, he won the gold medal for 4 x 100-meter freestyle, and on the next day, he won the silver medal for the 4 x 100-meter mixed medley. On day three, he snatched another silver medal for 4 x 100-meter mixed freestyle.

Another gold medal was snatched on day four when the 50-meter freestyle final happened. Later on, on the same day, he got another silver medal for 4 x 200-meter freestyle. The second event led him to his gold for the 100-meter freestyle.

As an enclosure, he finishes his winning spree with a bronze medal for the 4 x 100-meter medley.

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2018 Commonwealth Games

And this is where the event above takes place. The 2018 Commonwealth Games was such a meaningful event for all swimmers around the world, including Kyle Chalmers himself.

The first win he got was for the 200-meter freestyle. He won the gold medal for that. In the later session, he successfully snatched another gold for 4 x 100-meter freestyle.

Two days later, he successfully passed Chad le Clos from South Africa to get the silver medal for the 100-meter freestyle. He finished second to the gold medalist, Duncan Scott from Scotland. During the 4 x 200-meter freestyle finals, he, alongside his fellow teammates, won the gold medal with a record time of 7:05.97.

The final of the Commonwealth Games happened two days later, and this is when he won his fifth medal. He got the gold for the 4 x 100-meter medley with a time of 3:31.04, the time record for that event.

2022 World Short Course Championships

2022 was such a long year for Kyle Chalmers. He won medals after medals during most of the events. But the most amazing one is during the 2022 World Short Course Championships, where every talented swimmer from the world gathers and competes to win medals.

The event started on 13 December 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. During day one, Chalmers already succeeded in getting his first medal, silver, for the 100-meter freestyle. He won a gold medal on day three for 100-meter freestyle with a time record. Just two hours after that, he won another gold for 4 x 50-meter freestyle.

Kyle Chalmers successfully snatched the silver medal during the fourth day, when he placed second for 4 x 50-meter mixed freestyle. On the second relay, he won a silver medal for 4 x 200-meter freestyle.

On the next day, he won the bronze medal for the 4 x 50-meter medley.

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