Who Is Ryosuke Irie

Ryosuke Irie (入江 陵介) is a professional swimmer from Japan who participates in various backstroke events around the world. He attended Kindai University.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics, he successfully finished 2nd in the 200-meter backstroke category. He also got the bronze for another event, which was the 100-meter backstroke during the same swimming championship.

When he supported his team during the 4×100 meter medley, he successfully got the team to win the silver medal. His skillful swimming ability is often compared to Roland Matthes, another great swimming player known for this title, the Rolls-Royce of swimming.

Early Life

Rosyuke was born in the city of Osaka, and their love for swimming grew since he was in high school. During the second grade, Ryosuke had a time when he hated swimming so much to the point that his mom would carry the crying Ryosuke to the swimming coach.

He started slowly while being the slowest swimmer in the Itoman Toshin swimming school. His reason for joining the school in the first place was because of his brother, Shinpei Irie, who already got a successful national career. His desire solidified when his mother even asked the coach if Ryosuke could quit school after a year.

Although starting to do training for freestyle, he turned to backstroke swimming. Ryosuke said that the style suits him the most since it doesn’t require as much power compared to freestyle. Soon after, Ryosuke was known after winning various swimming competitions on the national scale.

International Career

2015 World Championships

Ryosuke qualified to participate in the 2015 World Championships which was held in Kazan with 24 other fellow Japanese swimmers.

He successfully finished as the 6th fastest during the 200-meter backstroke semifinal event, and during the final, he got the 4th position after previously touching 2nd right in the 150-meter mark.

Who Is Ryosuke Irie swimmer

2016 Rio Olympic Games

A year later, Ryosuke was participating in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. During the competition, he represented Japan in the 100 and 200-meter backstroke and finished in the 7th and 8th positions. He also joined in the 400-meter medley relay, in which he helped Japan to get the 5th position.

2017 World Championships

In 2017, Ryosuke also joined the 2017 World Championships when he participated in the 100-meter backstroke and 200-meter backstroke. For both events, he finished 4th with a time recorded at 53.03 and 7th with a time of 1:56.35.

2018 Pan Pacific Championships

The next competition he was in was the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships. During the swimming championship event, Ryosuke fought for Japan in the 400-mixed medley relay and helped the country to reach the second position by splitting in 52.83. This was his very first international medal after 2014.

On the second day, Ryosuke successfully won the solver after finishing second in the 100-meter backstroke event. His time was 52.78. Two days later, he got two additional silvers after finishing second for both the 200-meter backstroke (1:55.12) and helping the Japanese team during the 4 x 100 medley relay while reaching the best time in 52.61.

2018 Asian Games

During the Asian Games held in Jakarta, Ryosuke successfully snatched not only one or two, but four silvers after winning the second position in various events. The first one was during the 3 backstroke distances after finishing second right behind Xu Jiayu, the ace swimmer from China.

The fourth silver medal was obtained after getting into the second position during the 4 x 100 medley relay event with the time recorded at 52.53.

2018 Short Course World Championships

Their last known international record for Ryosuke is in the 2018 Short Course World Championships when he successfully broke eh Asian record for the 4 x 100 medley relay after finishing third in 49.95. For that, Japan got the bronze medal.

He also participated in the 100 & 200-meter backstroke and eventually finished in 12th and 7th.

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