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One of the most famous Italian swimmers is Thomas Ceccon. He broke the records several times, including the 100-meter backstroke, short course, and long course. Back in 2022, he was the champion 100-meter backstroke World Champion and also European Champion. In this event, he won two wins in the 100-meter backstroke and also the 50-meter butterfly.

Thomas Ceccon also attended both the 2021 and 2022 World Short Course Championships and successfully won bronze and gold. His brilliance was also shown during the 2020 Summer Olympics when he also won the silver medal for 4 x 100-meter freestyle and bronze for 4 x 100-meter medley. During the same event, he was in the fourth and twelfth positions for 100-meter backstroke and 100-meter freestyle.

Date of Birth

The journey of Ceccons started on the 27th of January 2001 when he was born in Vicenza, Italy. This young and talented guy was trained and perfected under Alberto Burlina, the coach for Gruppo Sportivo Flamme Oro.

Broke the World Records

Ceccon is mostly known for his experiences in breaking world records. As we’ve explained above, he did it several times, including the recent ones. He even gained respect from the fellow champion, for example, Ryan Murphy, who described him as talented and incredible.

And looking at his discipline and strong will, it looks like Ceccon’s brilliance won’t be fading anytime soon. In fact, he’s one the most promising Italian swimmers who have a high chance of taking the world by storm again.

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2018 Youth Olympic Games

At the event, he successfully won the 50-meter freestyle title and also the other four medals. A year later, in 2019, he also won not only one but two gold medals during the event of the 2019 FINA World Junior Swimming Championships.

Not long after that, Ceccon successfully broke the Italian record for 100-meter backstroke with his time of 52.84. The record is still his since the 17th of December 2020.

2020 Summer Olympics

The Olympics was delayed to Corona, and everyone who contested in Tokyo was also rested. A year later, the Olympics resumed, and Ceccon was one of the best contenders in the event. And it was proven when he won the silver medal for 4 x 100-meter freestyle that happened on the second day of the event.

2022 World Aquatics Championships

In the event that happened in Hungary, this man also won a bronze model for another 4 x 100-meter freestyle right on the first day of the competition. Two days later, he contributed another gold medal for the 100-meter backstroke and broke the record with his time of 51.60 seconds.

Ceccon won a bronze medal on the eight-day before a certain decision was made after an American swimmer overturned his disqualification. The bronze model was passed to Ksawey Masiuk, a swimmer from Poland.

However, that didn’t stop Ceccon from his winning spree. On the same day, he won an additional gold medal for the 4 x 100-meter medley.

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2022 European Aquatics Championships

The event happened two months later, and Ceccon had already qualified for the semifinals and finals thanks to his remarkable skills. In this competition, he won the gold medal in the 50-meter butterfly, after Maximum Grouuset from France. Sometime later, he also won the silver medal for the 4 x 100-meter medley, one of his best specializations.

The day four of the European Aquatics Championships, Ceccon won another gold medal for 4 x meter freestyle with a time of 47.80 seconds. Continued to day five, the Italian man succeeded in snatching a silver medal for the 50-meter backstroke and broke another Italian record time of 24.40 seconds.

On the competition’s final day, Thomas Ceccon won another gold medal for the 4 x 100-meter medley with a time of 52.82 seconds.

2022 Swimming World Cup

Ceccon also attended the 2022 Swimming World Cup placed in Berlin, Germany. The man already showed his brilliance since day one when he got his gold medal for the 100-meter medley, winning against Matthe States from South Africa.

On the next day, Ceccon won the silver medal for the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 23.22 seconds.

During the third day, fortune came to Ceccon again. He won an additional silver medal for a 100-meter backstroke win. Thanks to his skills, his name was put on the list of six best scorers of male competition.

Throughout stop two, Ceccon also won the other medals, including silver for the 100-meter medley and 100-meter freestyle and bronze for the 50-meter butterfly.

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2022 World Short Course Championships

Thomas Ceccon also successfully snatched a lot of medals during the 2022 World Short Course Championships. For example, during the evening session, he won the gold medal for 4 x 100-meter freestyle. Another silver medal was obtained after he won the 4 x 50-meter freestyle.

And that’s not only the gold medal he got during the competition. On day four, he got another one for the 100-meter individual medley. Right in the finals, he successfully obtained the silver medal for 4 x 200-meter freestyle while also breaking the Italian new record.

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