Oeschinen Lake Switzerland: Everything You Need to Know

Planning a trip to Oeschinen Lake Switzerland (Oeschinensee) and curious about what awaits you? Or maybe you’re seeking insights on the top hike in the area – the Oeschinensee Panorama Hike? This guide is here to address your queries and provide you with a glimpse of what to anticipate. Let’s dive in!

On one of our initial journeys to the Swiss mountains, we embarked on a hiking adventure at Oeschinen Lake. This experience etched itself in our memories as the most stunning trek we had ever undertaken. Over a decade later, we returned to Oeschinen Lake with our children, pondering whether our perception would remain the same, given our extensive travels and encounters with countless mesmerizing mountain lakes.

By day’s end, it was unanimous: Oeschinen Lake is nothing short of exceptional! The Panorama Hike at Oeschinensee, nestled in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, still reigns as the most breathtaking trek we’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.

In this article, you’ll discover all the essential information for your visit to Oeschinensee, as well as insights on hiking the most enchanting mountain trail overlooking Oeschinen Lake. Keep reading to unveil the magic that awaits!

Everything you need to know about visiting Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland

Nestled in the charming town of Kandersteg, just a 45-minute drive (or an hour by train) from the bustling hub of Interlaken and a 2-hour train journey from Zurich, you’ll discover Oeschinen Lake, also known as Oeschinensee. While it may not receive as much footfall as some other attractions in the vicinity, I firmly believe it’s one of Switzerland’s hidden gems.

This petite yet enchanting lake is nestled amidst towering, rugged cliffs, its waters glistening with a captivating shade of blue. Moreover, it offers a plethora of activities suitable for the entire family. In my view, a visit to Oeschinen Lake is absolutely essential during your Swiss vacation.

Trust me, you won’t want to forgo this experience while exploring Switzerland! To assist you in planning your day at this remarkable lake, I’m here with some valuable tips encompassing everything you need to know about your Oeschinensee excursion.

1. How to get to Oeschinensee, Kandersteg

Getting to Kandersteg is a breeze if you have your own car, and it’s also accessible by train if you don’t. I plan to make Interlaken my home base since that’s where we stayed on a previous trip to Kandersteg. From Interlaken, it’s just a 45-minute drive to Kandersteg, and you can conveniently park at the gondola station.

If you prefer traveling by train from Interlaken, you’ll need to catch a train to Spiez and then transfer to another train heading to Kandersteg.

Once you arrive in Kandersteg, your next step is to take the gondola up the mountain to reach Oeschinensee. While there are hiking trails to the top, I’d recommend going for the gondola ride. You can even opt for a one-way ticket, which is what we did – riding up the gondola and enjoying a leisurely walk back down. The walk from the gondola station back to Kandersteg only takes an hour, but be aware it’s quite steep. I’m glad we chose to walk down instead of up!

oeschinen lake switzerland

2. Hiking the Oeschinensee panorama trail

To truly savor the enchanting beauty of Oeschinensee, embarking on a lake-hugging hike is the way to go. Many trails offer breathtaking elevated lake vistas, but the standout favorite is the Oeschinensee Panorama Trail. You have a choice: you can complete the full loop or opt for a somewhat gentler journey by trekking to the Unterbargli viewpoint and then retracing your steps, which is a less daunting option for those with a fear of heights. Let me guide you through the easier path.

Begin your hike at the gondola station, where you have two route options to reach Oeschinensee: trail 4, a direct route, or trail 5, which passes through Lager. Opt for Trail 5 and follow the Lager/Oeschinensee signs.

As you advance along the gravel path, you’ll traverse open meadows and pass clusters of pine trees. Before long, you’ll come upon a charming hut and a splendid viewpoint overlooking Oeschinensee. Be sure to pause here and capture the stunning blue lake in photographs. This viewpoint is one of the finest, affording you a clear understanding of why Oeschinensee ranks among Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes.

From the Lager viewpoint, pick up trail no. 8, marked as Oeschinensee to Heuberg. This is the complete panoramic loop, spanning 8.5 kilometers and taking around 3 hours to complete. If you’re not up for the full loop, that’s perfectly fine. You can follow this trail as far as you like and then make your way back. This part of the lake is the most picturesque, so it’s unmissable.

The trail continues on a gravel path through a pine forest, and before long, you’ll catch glimpses of the lake shore through the trees. Take a break here and spend some time by the lake’s edge. After your lakeside relaxation, pick up the trail again and proceed along trail no. 8 toward Heuberg/Unterbargli.

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The path gradually ascends higher on the mountainside, offering elevated views down to the lake, until you reach Unterbargli, a vast undulating meadow with splendid vistas of the lake and the surrounding mountain ranges. This is an ideal spot for a picnic lunch. There’s also a café here, though it may be closed depending on the time of your visit.

From Unterbargli, you have two choices: continue along trail 8 to complete the full panorama loop or retrace your steps, following the lake’s shoreline. A word of caution – the remainder of the full panorama loop is quite steep, with a narrow path. This is why many, including us, turn around at this point and head back the way we came.

3. What else is there to do at Oeschinensee?

Even if you’re not a fan of hiking, Oeschinensee is still a fantastic place to visit, and it’s perfect for families, too. Starting from the gondola station, just follow trail no. 4, which leads you right to Oeschinensee. Hidden in one corner of the lake, you’ll find a restaurant, a play area, and barbecue spots. You can even rent rowing boats to enjoy on the lake, and during the warmer summer months, you can take a swim. It’s an ideal spot to spend a few hours.

The lake is just a short 20-minute walk from the gondola station, but if walking isn’t an option for you, you can take a ride on the small electric shuttle for a fee, which will get you to the lake.

Before you leave, don’t miss out on the mountain coaster experience. It’s only 5 CHF (£4.40) for a single ride or 18 CHF (£16) for five rides (adult price), and it’s a blast! You have control over your own speed, and it’s an exhilarating feeling as you zoom down with breathtaking mountain views on the horizon.

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I sincerely hope this guide has sparked your interest in adding Oeschinensee to your Swiss adventure. The lake’s water is truly stunning, and the surrounding mountains are exceptionally beautiful. It’s definitely one of the top places we enjoyed visiting during our trip to Switzerland.

Practical info for hiking at Oeschinen Lake Switzerland

Here’s some handy info for your Oeschinensee hiking adventure. Have a peek!

How long is the Oeschinensee walk, and which direction is best

The stroll around Oeschinen Lake offers two paths to choose from. We embarked on the counterclockwise journey, commencing our trek by the lake’s shore. We ascended to catch the finest panoramas before descending. Opting for the clockwise route involves a steep initial climb, but the path becomes gentler. This way, you first gaze upon Oeschinen Lake from above, concluding your journey at the lake itself.

Deciding which direction is superior is quite perplexing. Both approaches are witnessed by various hikers. Clockwise seems a tad less strenuous, given its higher starting point and a mainly downhill trajectory. It offers the added advantage of concluding the day by the lakeside, perhaps renting a boat, and more. However, anticipate a delay before experiencing the most magnificent sights, with potential congestion by the lake in the afternoon.

Our journey commenced by the lake’s edge, providing us with a serene and picturesque morning experience. As the day progressed, the area became more crowded, with the afternoon seeing a noticeable uptick in activity. While it didn’t reach Vatican congestion levels, all the restaurant seats were occupied, and rowing boats were in high demand.

This excursion, labeled as the Heuberg — Oberbargli — Oeschinensee 3.5-hour hike, spans approximately 8 kilometers round trip with an elevation change of approximately 480 meters. It’s important to note that the stated 3-hour duration represents actual hiking time, excluding breaks. Our journey with children took 5.5 hours due to numerous pauses, a picnic, and frequent photo stops.

Oeschinen Lake with young kids

Even with very young children, a trip to Oeschinensee is feasible. The path from the cable car to the lake consists of gravel, but it’s manageable with a stroller.

If your kids can handle a bit of hiking but you’re unsure about a long trek, there’s a shorter and less steep option. Begin at the lake, walk to Unterbargli, and return the same way (as described in the first two sections above). It’s not entirely effortless, as there’s a fair bit of climbing, but the breathtaking views make it a suitable walk for families.

lake oeschinen in winter
Oeschinen Lake During the Winter

Oeschinen Lake Switzerland FAQ

Can you drive to Oeschinen Lake?

Nestled high up in the mountains, Oeschinen Lake is a remote gem not reachable by car for travelers. The journey begins by parking your vehicle in Kandersteg and embarking on a gondola ride. From the peak station of the gondola, a 20 to 30-minute walk leads you to the tranquil lake. During the peak tourist season, a convenient shuttle bus service is also available in this area.

How do you get to Oeschinen Lake Switzerland?

To reach the enchanting Oeschinen Lake, your journey commences in the charming town of Kandersteg, nestled in the heart of Berner Oberland in Central Switzerland. Getting to Kandersteg is conveniently achieved either by car or by train.

Once in Kandersteg, a gondola ride awaits you, followed by a brief and effortless stroll leading to Oeschinensee. For the more adventurous, there’s also the option to hike to Oeschinen Lake from Kandersteg town, although it’s a lengthy and uphill trek.

Can you swim in Oeschinensee?

Although Oeschinen Lake is open for swimming, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this is a glacial lake. Consequently, even on the hottest summer days, the water remains exceptionally chilly. During our numerous visits to Oeschinen Lake, we never encountered anyone daring to take a dip. Instead, consider renting a rowing boat and relishing the stunning surroundings; it promises a far more pleasurable experience!

When is the best time to visit Oeschinen Lake Switzerland?

For an ideal visit to Oeschinen Lake, mark your calendar for summer, specifically from July to the middle of September. This time frame ensures that the lake is free from any lingering snow, and you can fully relish the splendid hiking paths in the vicinity. In sync with the summer season, the Oeschinensee gondola typically operates from approximately mid-June to mid-October. If you seek a quieter experience, it’s advisable to avoid summer weekends, as the lake tends to become quite bustling during that period.

Can you visit Oeschinen Lake in winter?

The Oeschinensee gondola typically operates within the winter ski season, from the third weekend of December to the third weekend of March. Indeed, you can explore Oeschinensee during the winter months but expect to encounter a landscape veiled in ice and snow. Alpine hiking trails, unfortunately, remain off-limits during this time. To access the lake from the gondola, you’ll probably require snowshoes, and don’t be surprised to see cross-country skiing enthusiasts enjoying the snowy surroundings as well.

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