Klöntalersee Glarus Switzerland: Full Guide for a Great Stay 

Nestled beneath the towering Glärnisch massif, Klöntalersee Glarus Switzerland boasts its deep blue waters, often mirroring the majestic mountains on either side. Tourists flock to this idyllic spot year-round, drawn by its natural beauty.

Perched at an elevation of 848 meters, Lake Klöntal owes its existence to a rockslide, giving it the appearance of a Norwegian fjord. Revered as one of Switzerland’s most stunning lakes, the surrounding area is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering unmatched leisure opportunities.

Klöntalersee Glarus Switzerland

During the winter months, Klöntal transforms into a serene haven. With the sun’s elusive presence, the lake often freezes, creating an expansive icy wonderland. Adventurous ice divers come here to practice their thrilling hobby. The region around the lake becomes a playground for ski enthusiasts, with opportunities for tours on the Silberen, Brüschbüchel, Schijen, and Dejenstogg mountains.

Essentials to Take with You

For a splendid summer day at the beach, make sure to pack your swimming towels, swimsuits, sunblock, beach sandals, and sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays. Don’t forget a hat to stay cool, comfortable walking clothes for those leisurely strolls, and sturdy sneakers for added support.

But if your visit falls in the winter season, come prepared with a cozy, thick coat to keep you warm. Don’t leave home without a beanie, scarf, and gloves to ward off the chill. Tuck a satisfying snack for the day and plenty of water into your bag, and be ready to enjoy your wintery adventure.

Klöntalersee Glarus Switzerland

8 Things You Can Do at Glarus Klöntal Lake

  1. Summertime demands a refreshing dip, but brace yourself for the chilly water! Even on the hottest summer day, the lake registers a bracing 22 degrees Celsius. By the end of the season, the average plummets to a brisk 5 degrees! It takes some courage, but the invigorating cold water and the awe-inspiring views make the plunge a must-try experience.
  2. Wintertime transforms the lake into a skating wonderland, provided the ice thickness meets safety standards. Before your winter visit, be sure to check if ice skating is permitted.
  3. Feeling adventurous? Ice diving is an option, though the icy waters might give you second thoughts! Brr!
  4. Camping enthusiasts can choose between two lovely campgrounds: Güntlenau Campground, situated at the lake’s front, and Vorauen Campground, nestled at the lake’s rear.
  5. Calling all anglers! Lake Klöntal is a haven for fishing. You can enjoy a simple fishing outing with a fishing rod and bait, and it’s free with a permit. For more extensive fishing, you’ll need a license. Detailed information can be obtained here.
  6. Try stand-up paddling by renting a paddleboard at the lake’s entrance.
  7. Lace up your hiking boots and explore the scenic nature walks around the lake or venture into the mountains in the surrounding valley.
  8. Satisfy your barbecue cravings at designated areas around the lake, or bring your portable barbecue set for a delightful picnic. Our favorite routine at Lake Klöntal includes a leisurely nature walk, a refreshing swim in the lake, and a picnic by the shore.
klöntal lake

Glarus Klöntal Lake Trekking Route

While taking a refreshing dip in the lake is enjoyable, there’s a special charm in working up a sweat before diving in. If you follow the route I’m about to share, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views. I highly recommend it!

trekking route

Find the route details here.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that this route is rated as a challenging 3rd-degree difficulty level. It’s a demanding journey that typically spans 7-8 hours, commencing at the starting point, Klöntal’s Rhodannenberg stop, and circling back to the same spot. However, our adventure had a unique twist – we didn’t return to the starting point at the lake. We began at point A and ascended. Then, after reaching the mountain’s summit, we descended to the opposite side of the lake, concluding the hike in about 4-5 hours. If this duration doesn’t suit you, whether it’s too long or too short, you can explore various walking routes online. Choose one that matches your preferred difficulty level, and if time allows, try more than one route for a diverse hiking experience.

klöntal lake

Places to Eat in Klöntalersee

As mentioned earlier, there are many spots around the lake where you can enjoy a barbecue. You can simply bring your own grill and use these designated barbecue areas. However, be aware that during the summer months, these spots can get quite crowded, and it may be tough to find an empty barbecue.

Alternatively, you can purchase disposable barbecue sets available at most markets, especially in the summer season. This way, you can have a barbecue and a picnic with ease.

Klöntalersee Glarus Switzerland

If a picnic is not your cup of tea, and you prefer sipping a coffee while enjoying a view of the lake, here are some places I’d suggest:

  1. Schwammhöhe: This restaurant is perched slightly above the lake and happens to be our personal favorite. It offers a stunning view, but the food is pretty standard.
  2. Restaurant Rhodannenberg: Located right at the lake’s entrance, this quaint restaurant may not have the most special cuisine.
  3. Gasthaus Im Plätz Klöntal (Im Plätz): Situated at the end of the lake, I can’t personally vouch for this place as I haven’t been there, but its Google rating seems to be okay.
  4. Make sure you check our guide for the best lakes in Switzerland.

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