9 Best Freecoaster and Cassette Hubs in 2022

The part of a BMX bike with the most importance is the hub. It acts as the main link between the cockpit and the frame, as well as wheels and the ground. The risk that your spokes will break or your rims will bend will considerably increase if you don’t have a solid pair of hubs.

On a BMX bike, less expensive BMX components could work just well in a variety of settings; nevertheless, we highly discourage buying a BMX hub that is on the more affordable end of the pricing range. It doesn’t have to be most pricey or challenging thing in this listing, but you must think about your current riding posture and what hub will best suit that riding style. For instance, if you ride on the road, you could discover that a freecoaster hub is your best bet. However, a rider who excels at dirt jumps would never be able to operate a freecoaster correctly.

What exactly is called Cassette Hub?

The primary quality that distinguishes a freecoaster from a standard one is to freewheel when moving in the opposite direction. Without getting on the bike, you may push it backward and watch the pedals begin to rotate in the other direction. Bicycles with cassette hubs are known to exhibit this behavior. There will never be a situation like this with freecoaster hub.

Another straightforward way to discern between the two kinds of hubs is to listen for the difference between the noise produced by any freecoaster hub and the noise produced by any cassette hub. Compared to cassette hubs, which make that unmistakable clicking sound every time a bicycle passes by, freecoaster hubs hardly make any noise at all. This is explained by the fact that when the wheel spins, the pawls collide with the splines and generate this issue for contact surfaces.

Additionally, you’ll discover that expensive, high-end BMX hubs usually make a much louder sound than less expensive ones do. Among the most obvious explanations is that riders like loud hubs because they make the rider also the bike itself become more visible. However, the fundamental argument is that they are simply made better. Here, the pawls are longer and have more contact points on hubs of higher quality. To make the hub less resilient, the manufacturer might also use less oil or a different sort of grease.

While you are freewheeling, those teeth go over the pawls in a very easy and very smooth manner since they are not engaged. They would both be oriented in the same direction, and the pawls are mounted on springs that may be bent in that direction to make the process simpler. It is named engagement when the wheel is moved in the other direction, even if this causes the teeth and pawls to come into contact with one another and prevents them from moving freely. Because of this, you can cycle ahead and rotate the wheel in conjunction with your pedaling motion. Now, to produce a hub that is of better quality, manufacturers often include an additional number of these pawls. This helps reduce the space that exists between both the teeth and pawl, regardless of where the wheel is located. Because of this, there will be a shorter time between when the rider begins to pedal ahead and when the wheel follows along with it.

Top 9 Freecoaster and Cassette Hubs

1. Primo Freemix BMX Hub

Primo comes as a well-known brand that has been preferred by a substantial number of riders from several nations. The Freemix hub was among the greatest hubs currently available.

The hub already has been put through its paces over the last year to guarantee that the rim satisfies the specifications essential for it to meet the growing demand created by riders. Rich Hirsch claims that the hub was fashioned by one of his standard hubs. He prefers an enormous engagement gap free of a variety of additional technical parts that are prone to malfunction and also add more weight. Because you can’t change the structure and there are no additional components, this hub is probably not the greatest option for those who are unsure of their setup preferences. Alternatively, if you have a certain configuration in mind for your freecoaster, then this may be a wise purchase.

When BMX riders try to install hub guards positioned between the frame and the hub, they often end up destroying the frame. The overwhelming majority of bicycle manufacturers disregard riders who utilize at least one hub guard. With the addition of push-on hub guards, it seems Primo has discovered a very effective answer to this problem. These guards will not poke into the frame while flush-fitting to the edge.

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2. Profile Elite Bike Hub

For a long, Profile has risen to the top of the BMX industry, and as a result, the company has raked in a ton of cash. Within the BMX industry, Profile is known for being a polarizing brand. There are a lot of people who are satisfied with the products and will continue to ride them, yet there are also a lot of people who believe the company charges way too much for their products and that the brand has been overhyped.

For the good part, the noise is fantastic, and the technology that’s been included in some of the more recent models is quite remarkable. Having said that, they are quite costly, and you need to be dedicated to the hub for a significant amount of time for it to be worthwhile investing the money.

When you purchase a BMX hub from Profile, you will have access to a wide variety of customization choices. Some of these possibilities include the hub’s color, spoke holes, driving side, axles, bolts, cog, and cassette driver.

Its elite hub was primarily developed with racing in mind thanks to its lighter weight and lightning-fast engagement speed because of its huge 204 engagement points. You won’t have any trouble using these hubs to their full potential on trails and parkland, so long as the cycling isn’t very challenging.

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3. Chris King Rear Hub

So next, the Chris King Rear traditional BMX hub is a work of art in the field of engineering. To access the inside of the hub, all that is required is an allen key and a pen knife; it is durable, lightweight, and simple to maintain. This slides on a needle of the highest possible quality, which is mounted to a superb thick steel axle. This hub’s bearings have been put through rigorous testing, and the results have shown that they are among the most dependable bearings that are currently on the market. It is among the lightweight freecoaster hubs that can be purchased, weighing just 346 grams.

If you do a lot of work on your hubs, such as servicing and fixing them, you may have already experienced the frustration of damaging the threads on your axle. Because you are provided with threaded aluminum inserts which can be changed in a matter of seconds and at a very low cost, you will not be concerned about double threading the hub here. This eliminates the need to purchase an entirely new axle, which is required by a good number of other hubs.

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4. Profile Z Coaster Freecoaster Hub

The Profile Z-Coaster is without a doubt one of the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge pieces of engineering for a bicycle to be developed in recent years. The Z-Coaster is indeed a cassette hub that can be removed and turned into a freecoaster. This provides you with the fantastic sounds that come from cassette hubs in addition to the capabilities. 

When you perform a trick on a standard freecoaster, you won’t be able to employ pedal force since the engagement time prevents it. When you are doing stalls on the rear wheel, maintaining a steady pedal force is vital to ensure that you do not throw off your balance. You are now capable of doing this while simultaneously coasting backward with no concerns about the strain that this will put on your legs.

When you are constructing yours, you have the option of selecting from four distinct engagement lengths. And Profile gives you the ability to tweak pretty much all of it. From the size of the Drive to bolts to the slack rings. Simply fill out the form on their homepage or one of their dealers, and you will be able to personalize the hub exactly as you want it. However, if you have the financial means available, then it will most definitely be money well spent.

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5. Federal Freecoaster V4 Hub

The most recent iteration of Federal’s freecoaster features the addition of hub guards and was published very recently. That freecoaster was created by Federal in a manner that was quite similar to how they designed the prior three models; however, there were enhancements such as updated spacers for changeable spacing. They were able to do all of this by modernizing the gear, which had been dependable in the past. Although you may not have as much control over the hub and purchasing choices as you have with the Profile Z-Coaster, Federal still gives you enough to work with and is a good alternative.

You have the option of purchasing this freecoaster with a gap that is x-large, big, average, or small when you make your purchase. Changing the configuration of these hubs is known to be a challenging endeavor; thus, you should make every effort to ensure that your selection is correct before placing an order for them unless you want a challenge.

6. Stranger Ballast Bike Hub

The Stranger Ballast is a stunning hub that is produced in some gorgeous colors naming only cassette hubs on this list. Additionally, in contrast to a good number of other hubs available on the market today, Stranger includes several Primo Hub protectors of high quality. You won’t need to be concerned about having the proper ones or the right sizes since everything will be able to “connect and play.”

During the whole process of switching from the Mix hub to the Ballast hub, Stranger had done an excellent job of preserving both the power and the dependability of the system.

The lightweight aluminum shell revolves around the CrMo axle that has enclosed bearings. This axle was constructed with high precision to increase the dependability and durability of the product. The hub driver is made of a polymer that has four pawls of a superior grade linked to it.

In case of those bearings are not precisely designed and produced, then it is only a case of time before dust, mud, and unclean water begin getting into the bearing casings. This may be avoided by ensuring that the bearings are created and manufactured properly. When this occurs, the wheel may start to make very little noise, and it will most likely become loose. If you spin the wheel from side to side and it wobbles, this is a strong indication that you have to replace the bearings.

7. Hope Pro 2 Evo BMX Hub

For a considerable portion of its existence, Hope has controlled the market for bike parts designed for mountain riding. They are among the well-known, trustworthy, and quality parts a buyer of a bike may choose for their setup. Hope moved into the BMX rider entertainment sector after earning unheard-of levels of fame in the BMX and road bikes’ worlds. The second hub in the series that they have made public is this Hope Pro 2 Evo.

Pro 2 Evo looks to be a little bit unique in appearance when compared to a conventional hub as the sprocket appears to be mounted on a piece that resembles a mount for the rotor of the disk brake. There is no denying that Hope is active player that are trying to promote the BMX industry.

The hub boasts numerous noteworthy features, such as sealed high-quality steel cartridge bearings, a sprocket driver with an integrated ratchet as well as 6-bolts, and a perfectly carved shell made of forged aluminum billet.

It is connected to the ratchet using 6 allen bolts. Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this method of creating a center is unquestionably inventive. The hub does not have to be unscrewed to connect the sprockets; doing so would put the bearings at risk of flinging themselves about. Sprockets may be easily attached after being bought for a relatively cheap cost. If extra teeth are needed, a sprocket with 15 and 17, or also 18 teeth may be substituted for the hub’s normal 16-toothed sprocket.

By now, you ought to be aware of what engagement points, as well as similar terminology, represent. Hope’s hub only takes a four-and-a-half-degree rotation to engage and has eighty various sites of engagement. It also includes four pawls.

Another great feature is the availability of both street and racing versions of this product. Except for the fact that the racing hub weighs 438 grams, 18 grams more than the ordinary hub, there aren’t many differences to disclose to you.

8. KHE Reverse Freecoaster Hub

Bruce Crisman & KHE bikes are not well-known manufacturers in the BMX community. This freestyle BMX rider Bruce competes internationally. Skilled rider Crisman has participated in the X Games several times and has taken home numerous gold medals. Bruce is not just a skilled BMX rider; he is also an independent musician and artist.

The first of the two distinct components that Bruce helped create is the KHE Reverse freecoaster hub. This hub of KHE Reverse Freecoaster, uses a hollow CrMo axle in one-piece used on some KHE freecoasters. Since the Reverse hub comes with 4-sealed bearings in place of only one, it differs from typical ball-bearing freecoaster hubs. One of these bearings is located under the driver, while two bigger sets are located within the body. The driving mechanisms remained very precise because the bearings were made to fit in this way. The slack amount offered by the Reverse Freecoaster may be adjusted by the rider using one of three settings. The amount of slack required by each rider and pedaling style will vary, therefore the Reverse hub is great for anyone who wishes to modify the slack amount.

With a weight of around 650g and 36/48 holes, depending on your taste, it is a great hub in most regards. This hub and Geisha hub, which was also created by KHE, are quite similar. Crisman determined that the axle should be changed with a one-piece hollow CrMo-axle, as I previously explained.

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9. Odyssey Antigram V2 Bike Hub 2022

Odyssey is among the fantastic BMX company that designs, manufactures, and distributes BMX components of the highest possible standard. Due to the overwhelming demand for the Antigram, the company has now introduced an updated version of the product.

This is a sturdy but lightweight rear cassette with 36 holes, and it will be an excellent choice for riding in the dirt and the park in 2022. The latest iteration comes equipped with a replacement Antigram hub’s guard, hence, this is making it an even more desirable option for riding on the street.

The Antigram comes with a wonderful design that is compact and symmetrical, and it has thick flanges. In case lacing pokes into the hub, large flanges might make things a little more challenging, even though they are wonderful for strength. After you have successfully maneuvered spokes through corresponding holes, you should not experience other difficulties.

Odyssey, in an unusual design choice, has opted to employ a square-tooth-shaped pawl, which makes it simple to convert the hub between right-hand and also left-hand drive. If you’re acquainted with G-Sport hub, this is going to seem quite familiar to you. The teeth found are square, in contrast to most other hubs. You can easily remove your driver, swap it around, and continue your ride since the hub pawls press against these square teeth. There is no reason to manufacture a new piece of the wheel because of this feature.

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Learn more about Freecoaster Hubs

Flatland and street riders often like to utilize freecoaster hubs on their BMX bikes. These are the kinds of riders that often do feats that entail riding backward, an action that is typically referred to as a fakie. With the use of a freecoaster, doing a fakie does not need you to pedal reverse; rather, you may freewheel while the bike is moving in the other direction. If you’ve never experienced a freecoaster before, you’re probably just thinking that the idea of riding one sounds awesome. However, much like conventional cassette ones, freecoaster hubs have several drawbacks that prevent them from being as appealing.

To begin, conventional hubs are more dependable and durable than their freecoaster counterparts. They are far more recent, and the innovation that is featured inside them is significantly less developed than that of the solid cassette hubs. Since freecoasters are significantly more costly than cassette hubs, you need to be quite certain that purchasing one is the best decision for you before you commit to spending such a large sum of money on it.

The second issue is when you perform stalling which includes utilizing the cranks to help you maintain your balance. These are maneuvers such as doing a rear wheel stall atop a quarter pipe.

The engagement latency is the most significant drawback of using a freecoaster hub as a mode of propulsion. When you start peddling on a regular bike, you will see that after a few inches of movement, the wheel will start rotating and the drivetrain will be involved. This happens because the chain is connected to the chainrings on the rear wheel. In the case of a freecoaster, though, you will first need to rotate the cranks to an angle of anywhere between 45 and 90 degrees to even begin to move. When you first begin riding with hubs of this sort, you will find that this causes a great deal of distraction and annoyance.

Learn maintenance of bike hubs in simple steps

It is very vital to maintain the smooth operation of your BMX hub by doing regular maintenance on it. Your bearings and the inside of your hub may suffer significant damage if you engage in a high volume of large drops or if your bike travels on dirty surfaces. You will undoubtedly be able to tell the difference if you continue to ride for an extended period without updating your bearings or applying any more lubricant. Both in terms of the noises that it makes and the manner that it operates.

To obtain access within hub, you will first have to detach the wheel and then the lock nut that is attached to it. Keep in mind that the threads on the lock nut are often in the other direction from what is typical. Therefore, if you turn it to the right, it will become less tight. 

Now that the lock nut has been removed, you will need to make a record of what was removed when, and in what order, as well as how everything should be reattached.

The next area to focus on is the inside of your hub, which requires some cleaning. To begin, remove all the old oil from the surface by rubbing it with anything absorbent, such as a cloth or a paper towel. To completely remove all the oil from the inside, you may also soak it in something like WD-40.

When you have finished inspecting the whole hub, removing anything that can be removed, and cleaning it, it is time to begin putting it back together. Before you put anything else back into the hub case, you should first coat the inside of the hub with a good quantity of grease. Begin replacing components in the reverse order in which they were removed while removing any WD-40 remains and applying grease to each component.

You are going to be able to feel the difference in how smoothly the journey is once the hub has been reassembled.

Which BMX hub produces the most noise, and why?

When we speak about noisy BMX hubs, we are only referring to cassette hubs. There aren’t very many free coasters that truly create any noise because of how they’re constructed.

If you were to question all BMX riders to identify the hub that produces the most noise, most of them would say that it is one of the Profile BMX hubs. Profile produces noisy bike hubs.

They manufacture it with precision and utilize materials of the highest quality. The more costly hubs often come equipped with a greater number of pawls and engagement points as standard.

Both The Shadow Conspiracy and Odyssey BMX produce their own elevated and loud BMX hubs, which are an alternative to purchasing a hub manufactured by Profile.

Could BMX Bikes Pedal Reverse?

Across all BMX bikes, you can cycle in the other direction. Rolling backward, or “fakie,” is a need for many of the BMX stunts. If you are trying to do a fakie while using a cassette hub, you will need to pedal in the other direction for the bike to be able to roll in that direction.

If your bicycle is equipped with a freecoaster, there will be no need for you to peddle in the other direction. Only peddling ahead will achieve anything.


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