7 Top-Rated BMX Gloves to Try in 2022

While riding a BMX, gloves are often not worn nearly as often as they are when mountain biking. During this ride, having a firm grip and a good feel for the handlebars is of the utmost importance. If you are unhappy with the glove you are wearing, you should either find one which fits you better or continue reading this article.

Your usage of the handlebars is proportional to the degree to which you can manage the bicycle you are riding. Gloves will prevent you from touching such bars directly. This indicates that it is essential to choose the gloves to maintain a high level of riding skill; failing to do so may cause decreased performance.

7 Best BMX Gloves to Try This Year

1. POC Gloves for Sports That Need Resistance

The only focus of the Swedish company POC Sports is to protect athletes who take part in extreme sports. POC was founded in 2005 and initially concentrated on the ski racing sector. 

In order to create better goods, the POC Lab is a scientific institution that studies brain traumas, spinal cord injuries, and other types of injuries. Some of the brightest sports and safety professionals in the world work at the POC Lab.

POC’s first significant success came in 2006 when its goods were authorized for use at and promoted in the Winter Olympics in Turin. In the giant slalom competition, American alpine ski athlete Julia Mancuso claimed the gold medal while wearing a helmet and pair of glasses with the POC emblem. Because of the attention they gained because of this occurrence, POC could sponsor additional research and development of protective apparel for extreme activities like BMX, bike riding, skiing, and more.

They now offer six different varieties of gloves, most of which are designed for slope and endurance mountain riding. The intended market for the Resistance glove series is enduro bikers. Gloves that are strong but also well-ventilated, grippy on the palms, and with extra traction on the fingers used for braking are necessary for enduro riding.

They are wonderful all-purpose gloves because of their design. This jacket is perfect for BMX riding on cold days or for traveling downward on a muddy circuit.

You may have previously come across the fabric that POC uses for the backhand. It is made of a fabric that wicks moisture away, making it perfect for use on the trail when it is cold and wet outside. The palm, on the other hand, is made of a material that is sufficiently ventilated yet flexible and gripping. The index and middle fingers include silicone printing that makes them simpler to brake with, as with most mountain bike gloves. In addition to these two fingers, the thumbs have received extra padding intending to lessen a very grating feeling when riding. You’re texting while using gloves.

The gloves come with a variety of features besides fabric that works with touch displays. POC cleverly included a terrycloth nose wipe in their offering. Many people won’t even be aware of how useful something may be to them.

POC has a similar design philosophy to Apple when it comes to its products. Everything they create is very refined, modest, and obviously the product of much research. On the palm of these gloves is a single, subtle emblem; the remaining fabric is blank. Because of this, in addition to their immediately known name and straightforward insignia, they may be easily distinguished from the competitors.

2. COFIT Motorcycle BMX Gloves

The COFIT BMX Gloves provided by COFIT are the gloves of BMX park and street riders’ fantasies. COFIT gloves have quickly gained popularity among riders of all skill levels and from 12 different countries. With the rise of their Youtube account, which has generated tens of millions of views, their brand has successfully grown.

Most of the gloves on this list are appropriate for use when riding BMX, however, given this kind of riding, many BMX riders often complain that their gloves become wet and that their palms are so thick that they don’t provide them enough feel.

These gloves seem to provide a relatively effective remedy for these problems. A mesh material that is breathable and nearly entirely transparent has overcome the issue of sweat. Zooming up on the images and paying close attention, you can see the rider’s hand slipping through the mesh. This will be quite beneficial for reducing body heat and sweat. So much so that wearing these gloves outdoors on a frigid day would serve no use.

Additionally, the palms were developed to be effective in tropical climates. On the surface, you’ll see that despite the use of more durable and sturdy material, the holes that enable airflow have been kept. To preserve the lifetime of the glove, the palm has a slightly decreased number of holes, yet it still does a good job of wicking away a lot of sweat.

These are the only items on this list that we recommend for BMX park and street riding. Simply said, they are the greatest. They are so light that cycling while wearing them is essentially the same as biking without gloves. Very light and breathable, keeping you cool and cozy even after a long day of riding.

3. Dirtpaw Mountain-Biking Gloves Made by Fox 

There are so many kinds of Fox gloves it is just impossible to choose just a couple to include in our list. By getting any glove from this brand, those who are unsure of which glove to acquire won’t screw up. Even a glove with Kevlar in it is available for cyclists who tackle the toughest terrain.

We chose the Dirtpaw glove since it was the only one that was more resilient and appropriate for both motocross and mountain riding. The design has been used for over 15 years, during which it has established itself and gained a reputation as a durable piece of bicycle gear.

Motocross gloves are sometimes sold for extravagant prices despite being of excellent quality and enduring sturdiness. Fox’s creation of this glove demonstrates their extensive knowledge of how to create a superb yet affordable motocross glove. The glove may be purchased for a fair price.

The additional protection that has been provided for the hand’s palm side is the main and most significant advantage. When riding at speeds and in the condition of motocross and downhill racing, you must always wear hand protection. That these bikers often bump with, bounce off of, or just smash into these trees shouldn’t come as a surprise. The delicate hand will get a little amount of extra protection from a highly sturdy material with additional plastic that is streamlined in this area.

Also, there is a touch screen-compliant, cushioned single layer of conductive Clarino® with a stretch mesh finger gusset. This will encourage mobility since the palmar region of the hand is so hard, which is important considering how rigid it is.

Unlike most gloves, which only include a bit of touch screen material. Any part of your hand may be used to interact with a touch screen. The cuff of this motorbike glove has a very lovely design. The compression-molded neoprene will have formed a firm seal on your wrist before you have even finished attaching the wrist strap. As a result, Fox has given the cuff a premium hook-and-loop wrist clasp to guarantee that it will stay securely fastened to your wrist even under the worst circumstances.

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4. Biking Shadow Conspire Gloves

Shadow Conspiracy company is well-known in the BMX scene for making a wide range of BMX bike parts. Even though they also produce some excellent riding clothing, they are mostly bicycle accessories. The company now only manufactures one pair of gloves, Shadow gloves, even though they are printed with a variety of beautiful themes. The manufacturing process, the materials, and the production technique are same.

The light synthetic leather used in the glove’s manufacture provides a decent level of flexibility. The palms of a considerable proportion in riding gloves barely provide enough grip in a few locations. Conspire gloves stand out. A silicone design with some eye-catching but modest patterns is printed on the palm. The Shadow emblem may be seen on these two primary braking fingers and near the wrist in the palm print patterns.

The wrist area along with velcro strap of this glove is especially noteworthy elements. The cuff has a sleek and modern look thanks to the clasp, which is made up of just a few hooks and loops. The whole section is of neoprene material. Neoprene is a substance that is often used to make wetsuits. The amazing elastic material that was utilized to construct it was slip-on. This is offering added flexibility and security seen in traditional gloves at the same time.

5. Fox Gel Glove With Short Fingers

There is a fair probability that you have looked at Fox if you have ever considered buying mountain bike apparel. Their areas of expertise include clothing and protection, both of which they excel at. The product selection is mostly focused on motocross, and the bulk of the apparel is made of durable materials.

The company was founded in 1974, and Dr. Geoff Fox, a very intelligent physicist, was in command at the time. When Geoff originally started the company, he called it Moto-X Fox and concentrated on selling to the European enduro market. They didn’t need much time to begin creating the right engine and suspension parts for their own exclusive, professional motocross squad.

On the whim of the moment, the change to clothing occurred. The professional racing team competed in outfits made by the company themselves in either red, yellow, or orange. When the motorcyclists started to perform at such a high level, many people were interested in finding out where they might get an outfit like that. After this, it only took Fox a few years to completely restructure and start dominating the motocross and trail bike gear markets.

We’ll discuss the Ranger gloves next. There are several unique models.The Ranger gloves are regarded as among the greatest by certain individuals. These gloves come with either full or short fingertips, at your discretion. Even though fingerless gloves are frequently worn while cycling, they are almost always only worn when riding on roads. You don’t often find a pair of gloves that are comfortable, light, and durable enough for riding BMX and mountain bikes at the same time.

Offered in a total of five distinct colors: black, grey, light blue, crimson, and an exquisite scarlet red. The company’s name and logo are screen-printed on the fabric’s face, which is made of the highest-grade 4-way flex polyester available.

These gloves do not cover the fingers, which is their main distinction from the full-finger ranger gloves. They also have gel padding on the palms. Padding is present in two separate locations. The first one, which is at the base of the fingers, will shield your fingertips’ pads from injury while you are holding a tube because this is where most of the force is being applied. The larger portion at the glove’s base is positioned beneath the second layer of padding.

6. MTB Glove with Fuse Chroma-Sticker Bomb

In addition to providing safety, Fuse company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality apparel for BMX industry. Their primary concentration is on protective gear like gloves, bike bags, knee pads, and headgear.

Their BMX protection first began with the WeThePeople brand, which is a sibling company to the Fuse brand. Riders’ concern for their well-being and that of others has grown steadily. The WTP riders were the same as the other riders in that they requested pads that were lighter, comfier, and durable. Because of the significant amount of time and attention that was devoted to creation of these pads, motorcyclists began utilizing them. Soon after coming to this realization, the independent protection brand FUSE was established.

The bulk of the company’s pads is made of durable, perforated duratex neoprene, which is breathable, with two layers of nylon and EVA foam sandwiched inside. The BMX gloves that FUSE produces come in two varieties. The Omega is the name of the first one, while Chroma Sticker one is the name of the second. Fuse kept the Omega’s design relatively basic and straightforward, but they took a completely different approach with Chroma.

These gloves come in four different styles, each with a distinctive color scheme and cartoonish appearance. Four distinct sorts go by the titles of Wolf, Laser Cat, Dimension, and Sticker Bomb.

Many of these qualities are equivalent to those of other gloves that fit this requirement. To start, the thumb and the tip of index finger now have more support. These two sections of the hand experience the greatest amount of stress when operating a bicycle. You certainly use index finger while applying brake pressure, and your thumb will always be used to grasp the bottom of the handlebars. If you’ve ever ridden for a long time, you’ve probably noticed that your thumb’s crease begins to lose grip. This simply serves to highlight the importance of an extremely robust material in this specific industry.

Secondly, the thumb’s reinforced patch is encircled by a microfiber-based material that extends to cover the entire thumb. This could aid in stopping and controlling sweat when riding.

Lastly, it might not be attractive to riders but adding it to a riding glove is still a good idea. A design of ultra-grippy patches has been added by FUSE to increase traction. The rough surface has been added by FUSE since they are aware of this and want to stop your fingertips from slipping when you use the brakes.

7. Achiou Whole Finger Biking Gloves (For kids, Winter)

These gloves are included in this list for novices or for anybody who is seeking an affordable alternative that is nonetheless effective. Achiou, in contrast to the other brands on this list, is not primarily focused on the bicycle industry.

Both boys and girls can benefit from wearing these mountain bike gloves with full fingers. You won’t have any trouble pulling these out at the BMX park, mountain bike circuit, or motorcycle track in addition to the fact that they are unisex. Although the fit of these gloves might not be quite as snug as that of others that have been made expressly for the activity at hand, you can be assured that they will perform adequately.

They provide a somewhat less realistic feel than a glove, but they will allow you to ride comfortably for far longer periods. After a particularly long ride, the persistent vibration that you experience when riding a dirt bike or on a mountain bike track can cause quite a bit of discomfort in your body. This gel cushioning will lower the amount of friction that your hand experiences while it meets the bars.

The relatively little quantity of touchscreen fabric that is often placed on gloves just isn’t enough for them to function properly. The riding glove that Achiou makes is well-designed and well-made. The entire pointer finger and the tip of the thumb may be used to operate touch screens.

What Should You Consider When Getting Cycling Gloves?

How does it fit in size?

Any type of clothing needs to fit perfectly, and this article of clothing is no different. When you’re riding a bike, you bear the majority of the responsibility for keeping yourself safe. You won’t be able to reach your brakes and gears as readily as you should be able to if your gloves do not fit properly.

The shape of the glove, the size of the fingers, the wrist’s length, and the elasticity all contribute to a firm but the comfortable grip on the hand.

Make sure to pay close attention to how well the gloves fit when you get new ones. Some glove manufacturers offer a range of sizes, although the great majority do not. There are often just one or two sizes of mountain bike gloves available.

Is It Actually Comfy?

A comfortable glove will appear different on each rider and depend on the sort of riding being done because there is such a vast array of materials, cushioning reinforcement, and form. Therefore, the ability to control one’s body temperature and breathe easily is crucial.

For riders in hotter climates, a glove that is not only permeable but also promotes more airflow over the hands and guards against excessive perspiration is crucial. On the other hand, bikers who reside in countries with colder temperatures would need more warmth and insulation.

Many mountain bike gloves include a few ventilation holes on the palm. You should consider the quantity of these holes, as well as the thickness and make of the material used to cover the hand’s back while looking for new gloves.

How High a Quality Are the Wrist Straps?

More and more manufacturers are choosing elastic straps over velcro straps as a replacement. The issue of which is superior cannot have a single right answer.

Only higher-quality gloves with wrist cuffs made of elastic and built to maintain their elasticity substantially better will function effectively. Velcro straps, on the other hand, have lower-quality workmanship.

Velcro can be more advantageous for riders who bike in muddy conditions or chilly climates. They may lose part of their gripping power when covered in mud, but they are still significantly better at blocking out cold air and providing a tighter hold on the wrist.

Warmer climates are probably where BMX riders choose elastic cuffs over velcro, which are often preferred by mountain bikers.

Is Your Hand Going to Be Protected?

Greater protection will make it harder for you to move about if you need more mobility, but it will help you more while you’re sprinting through trees and other sorts of vegetation.

The protection provided by motocross gloves and the protection provided by downhill gloves will share certain characteristics. On extremely protective gloves, polyethylene padding is generally placed on the knuckles and the back of the hand. Although padding applied to the palm is similarly effective at protecting the hands, it will reduce the gloves’ ability to evaporate sweat.


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